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Photographer's Rights: The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography

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The Google Reader favored photo blog Photojojo has posted an informative blog on photographer's rights. This article covers when and where a photographer has rights to take photos. This is a good read! Most folks do not know that venue security, tour management, and even the police (Roxxxxanne, you don't have to give up your camera!) cannot force you to hand over or delete your images without a court order!

Link: Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

Please note: While most of the information was retrieved from attorney Bert P. Krages' website, the folks running Photojojo are not attorneys themselves. If you plan to be or have found yourself in a sticky situation, please contact an attorney and/or Sting.


A lot of good information in the reference. Lots of things one can do that one might not expect. But unless you are a Paparazzi type you may not want to irritate or distress anyone by doing what you can do legally. While I do post images of celebrities on my website in my galleries I don't sell anything, but may still be guilty of misappropriation, although only one performer has ever asked that I remove images and we don't know why. No image that I feel is unflattering of a performer ever gets off my computer and they usually get trashed ... it's not my thing to keep them because someday someone may pay good money for a such a picture of that person.

Dwight McCann