Camera drones are capable of recording spectacular video but if you don't make the effort of editing your footage into shorter, more watchable, clips, your files might just be sitting in a folder of your hard drive, catching dust.

Drone maker Parrot has now added a new feature to its FreeFlight Pro app that is designed to help with that. The Flight Director function automatically edits your drone footage, using algorithms that study the drone's behavior and flight paths. You can pick a style (chronological, cinematic or trailer), select a pre-made theme and set a few other parameters.

The bad news is, the new feature is not free. You can create 15-second "best of" clips at no cost, but you'll have to purchase the premium version of the feature in-app to enjoy longer clips. You'll also need a Parrot Bebop 1, 2 or Power drone for the Flight director feature to work.

We've seen a similar approach from GoPro in the past, but the QuikStories app wasn't drone specific. But if you own a compatible drone and want to optimize your flying/editing time ratio, Parrot's Flight Director feature might well be worth a closer look.

The Freeflight Pro app is available for both Android and iOS.