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Glen Hansard Shares Breakup Song 'Setting Forth' From New Album

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:50am
Glen Hansard says only a couple of songs on his upcoming third album, Between Two Shores, are "about my own romantic relationships. The...
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Taylor Swift Shares New Photos From Her British 'Vogue' Cover Shoot

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:46am
Taylor Swift did not wait long after the reveal of her upcoming British Vogue cover to sneak a few more visuals to fans via Instagram. Swift is...
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Kendrick Lamar Is Reportedly Releasing Collector's Edition of 'DAMN.' With a Reversed Track List

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:44am
Shortly after Kendrick Lamar released DAMN. earlier this year, it didn't take long for fans to concoct various theories about...
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‘MusicRow’ Reveals 2018 Next Big Thing List

MusicRow.com - Nashville Music Industry - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:32am
MusicRow is proud to reveal its list of artists, who in 2018, are predicted to become the Next Big Thing (NBT). 
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Lensrentals merges with LensProToGo to create photo and video rental powerhouse

DPReview.com - Latest News - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:23am

Huge news is coming out of the camera gear rental space today. Lensrentals and LensProToGo have announced a 'strategic partnership', merging into one privately held company that the duo is calling "the strongest photo and video equipment rental company in the United States."

This is a big deal, especially when you consider the dearth of real competition in the rental space—BorrowLenses was put up for sale by Shutterfly in January of this year, and Lumoid 'paused operations' in September... just to name a few troubling bits of news.

The results of this important merger will not be a whole new company, though—you won't be seeing a LensProToRentals or LensrentalsToGo brand spring up. Instead, both websites will continue to exist and both brands will continue to operate under their current names, only now they'll do it with the substantially increased resources that the partnership provides. This paragraph from the press release sums up the benefits to current Lensrentals and LensProToGo customers well:

The strategic partnership effectively increases Lensrentals video equipment knowledge base, provides an East coast facility, and allows the company to further its leading position in the photo and video equipment rental market. Customers of both brands will be able to continue the long-term customer service relationships built over the years, in addition to having access to the largest inventory of equipment for rental in the photo and video industry, and an array of shipping, try-before-you-buy and insurance coverage programs.

This 'strategic partnership agreement' was closed and approved by both companies on December 1st, but since both are—or were—privately held, we won't be getting any financial evaluations of the deal or companies (unless, of course, someone wants to leak it to us... hint hint).

Press Release

Lensrentals and LensProToGo Join Forces to Create Strongest Photo and Video Equipment Rental Company in United States

Partnership Increases Leadership Position in Imaging Rental Market, Offers More Technical Expertise for Consultation, Greater Inventory and an East Coast Office for Lensrentals

Memphis, TN – December 5, 2017 – Lensrentals, the leading online photo, video and lighting equipment rental company, announces a recent strategic partnership with LensProToGo. The combined company will be privately held, with both the Lensrentals and LensProToGo brands continuing to operate with increased resources.

The strategic partnership effectively increases Lensrentals video equipment knowledge base, provides an East coast facility, and allows the company to further its leading position in the photo and video equipment rental market. Customers of both brands will be able to continue the long-term customer service relationships built over the years, in addition to having access to the largest inventory of equipment for rental in the photo and video industry, and an array of shipping, try-before-you-buy and insurance coverage programs.

“Building an east coast presence with a team that share our values and focus on customer service, is an important goal for Lensrentals. The LensProToGo opportunity allows us to increase our visibility on the east coast of the US, and continue to offer a more specialized consultative approach to photography and video gear rental,” said Drew Cicala, co-owner, Lensrentals. “We’ve long admired the LensProToGo team, share many similarities in our businesses, and overall approach to helping customers achieve exceptional results. LensProToGo team’s video market expertise blends well with our own, will greatly contribute toward expanding our product offerings and knowledge base for customers to draw upon,”Cicala continued.

“We’ve known the Lensrentals team for many years, and by agreeing to blend our operations we can maintain our company ethos and service-first approach to customers,” said Paul Friedman, CEO, LensProToGo. “On a day-to-day basis our customers will now be able to access cameras, lenses, lighting, drones and more in the largest rental inventory of photo and video equipment in the country. We’ll also continue to spend as much time on the phone and email as our customers need, we enjoy our customers and the relationships formed, and we look forward to expanding those relationships even further.”

In the long-term, Lensrentals will be able to better serve customers who vary in their needs and wants. From those customers that know what they’re looking for, to those needing a little advice or perspective on equipment, or that may want a more consultative relationship, to fully understand all elements of the equipment.

The continued growth of Lensrentals and LensProToGo, allows both brands to better serve the largest customer base, with the newest and widest range of creative solutions, from experts with the deepest knowledge base in the industry. With the largest rental inventory of photo and video equipment in the country, the company is at the forefront of what creatives need to deliver outstanding video, still and digital content.

The strategic partnership agreement was closed December 1st 2017, having been approved by both companies.

In a previously unannounced and separate agreement in late September, Lensrentals agreed to acquire a 100% interest in ATS Rentals.

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The Daily Edit – Sassoon Dock Art Project

A Photo Editor's Blog - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:00am





St+Art / Sassoon Dock Art Project

Content Director and photographer:   Akshat Nauriyal
Assistant Photographer: Pranav Gohil

St+art Urban Art Festival has transformed Mumbai’s Sassoon docks Mumbai’s oldest fishing community into an exhibition space with graffiti and art installations. Their mantra is ‘Art for All’ aims to showcase art projects in public spaces making art accessible, removing the experience from conventional gallery space and embedding it within our cities making art truly democratic and for everyone. Arjun Bahl, co found and festival director said, “the whole idea was to bring art to a certain sect of the community who usually don’t interact with art.”
A photo installation in association with the “Inside Out Project” covers the warehouse walls as you enter the show.

Started by French artist JR, the “Inside Out Project” celebrates local identities and stories using large-format street paste-ups. In this case, roughly 300 blown-up portraits of locals were pasted on the warehouse walls and shot by Content Director, Akshat Nauriyal with assistance from Pranav Gohil. “When we approached the dock workers for the Inside Out project, there was some mistrust. We had to talk to the community leaders to get our point across. But once we started, interest grew and people started coming in,” says Nauriyal

Heidi: Tell us how this idea developed, I know you were poised to take a boat ride with one of the fishermen.
Askhat: We wanted to celebrate to Koli fisherman photograph a day in the life of. We were set to met them at 5:00 am at the docks, in short order we realized how busy the dock was at that time and getting time on the boat was impossible. We were just chilling at the docks watching and the story unfolded right before out eyes. The inter-workings  of the chaos of the dock was simply and organized photo essay to us.
What surprised you the most about this project?
The women. Their power and strength is a seemingly male dominated business.
How did you evolve creatively?
I was touched by the power of photography brining a community together, how one family member would be photographed and then the curiosity spread.
Where did you shoot these portraits?
Right there at the dock in a pop up studio.
How difficult was it to get the people engaged once you got the green light?
The first day we waited hours for someone to come by, thankfully one of the community leaders whom we met with made sure some people stopped by. Once the word got it we had a line of people.



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Photographing Idaho with Michael Bonocore and Canon's EOS 6D Mark II

DPReview.com - Latest News - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:00am

It's no surprise that Michael Bonocore, Editor of Resource Travel, spends most of his time on the road. But what you might not guess is that he's made a permanent home in Boise, Idaho after falling in love with the state's scenery. We spent several days road tripping with Bonocore and capturing it all with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. The camera's feature set was well suited to the wide range of shooting situations we encountered – and with plenty of snowfall, incredible sunsets and mountains for days, Idaho did not disappoint.

Read more about the
Canon EOS 6D Mark II

This is sponsored content, created with the support of Amazon and Canon. What does this mean?

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Kim Kardashian Posts Pic of Kanye's 'Famous' Exhibit Featuring Naked Taylor Swift & Swifties Are Firing Back

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 9:56am
Kim Kardashian is never, ever, ever letting the beef die. This was no innocent #TBT: Late Monday (Dec. 4) Kardashian posted a picture to Instagram...
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José James Salutes Bill Withers With New Tour & Two Live Videos: Premiere

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 9:02am
Storied singer-songwriter Bill Withers has been name-checked by a host of contemporary artists from John Legend, Justin Timberlake and Robert Glasper...
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Bandsintown Giving Emerging Artists a 'Big Break' With New Spotlight Program

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 9:00am
Concert discovery platform Bandsintown is looking to give some emerging artists their "Big Break" with a new data-driven spotlight program...
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Chris Pratt & Chris Stapleton Have the Time of Their Lives on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Spinning the 'Wheel of Cheesy Duets': Watch

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 8:57am
Never let it be said that Chris Pratt is afraid of looking silly. The latest example came on Monday night (Dec. 4), when the Guardians of the Galaxy...
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Met Opera Waited Year to Act on Accusation Against Conductor James Levine

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 8:57am
A big question remains after renowned conductor James Levine was suspended from the Metropolitan Opera amid accusations of sexual abuse: Why did it...
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Adele Wants British PM Theresa May to Do More To Investigate Deadly Grenfell Fire

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 8:10am
Adele isn't about to let what happened at the Grenfell Tower apartment complex to be swept under the rug and forgotten. The singer tweeted a...
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VELO & Rhea Litre Release 'Cruzin' Music Video, Talk Popularity of Drag & Queer Latin Representation

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 8:00am
Seattle-based rapper VELO gained attention on gay blogs after dropping music videos for his singles “Big D*ck Daddy” and “Oye Papi...
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Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Which is best?

DPReview.com - Latest News - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 8:00am


2017 has seen the release of some interesting cameras, but the two that have generated the most buzz, the most traffic and the most questions are Nikon's D850 and the Sony a7R III. They're both rather exotic creatures, not quite as other-worldly as D5s and a9s, but hardly the sorts of cameras we're all going to rush out and buy. So why the excitement?

Both high res models are among the fastest in
their line-ups

What's interesting about both is just how much better they are than their predecessors, despite superficially looking like subtle re-shuffles of the specifications. The give-away of this leap forward is hidden in plain sight: they may both be updates of their makers' high-res models, but both are also promoted to being among the fastest-shooting models in their respective line-ups.

That makes them much more appealing, well-rounded cameras than their predecessors, which is perhaps why they've generated so much interest. And why everybody wants to know which is best...

It’s not about the mirror (or lack of it)

We ended our D850 review by calling it “the best DSLR on the market today” and summed up the Sony by saying it was “the most well-rounded mirrorless camera on the market,” but you should take that to mean it’s simply a question of whether you prefer a mirror in your camera or not. Mainly because, when you use them, it really doesn’t make much difference.

Closer to a sports camera than anything with 46 megapixels has the right to feel

Long gone are the days when you could say ‘DSLRs are better at autofocus’ or ‘Mirrorless are smaller, and more convenient.’ No-one who’s held a Sony a7 series with a GM lens on is likely to find the words ‘small’ or ‘lightweight’ springing into their minds. Equally though, I doubt many people who’ve used an a7R III in a tight spot are going to think ‘I’d have got that shot with an SLR.’

Similarly though, the D850 is the kind of DSLR that could make mirrorless stalwarts consider changing their minds. It’s not quite D5-level good but the D850 feels closer to a sports camera than anything with 46 megapixels has the right to. All those ‘you have to imagine you’re shooting medium format’ reservations that we’ve had about previous high-res DSLRs start to evaporate. With a recent Nikon VR lens on the front, you can shoot the D850 without too much thought and it’ll simply get the job done.

Image Quality

It should go without saying that both cameras produce spectacular image quality. Their sensors both offer tremendous resolution and dynamic range. They’re among the best sensors we’ve ever shot with, putting them within the same realm as the Hasselblad X1D, Pentax 645Z and Fujifilm GFX 50S: company that suddenly makes both cameras seem unexpectedly good value.

Among the best sensors we’ve ever shot with

The Sony demands you shoot uncompressed Raw to get at its full capability, whereas the Nikon has some of the smartest Raw compression on the market (even its ‘lossy’ compression is essentially only throwing away spurious data), but that ends up being a question of storage and workflow, not of the photographic process itself. The pictures themselves are similarly good.

Anyone who's shot them side-by-side won't be at all surprised to find that DxO has given their sensors the same score: there's virtually nothing to choose between them. Slight differences in dynamic range and high ISO performance are just that: slight. If anyone tells you that one camera is better than the other, for any particular activity based on image quality, you should laugh at them. In their face, if possible.

Verdict: no clear winner


Unsurprisingly perhaps, the a7R III is the better video camera. Its video quality is higher, its range of features and supporting tools is wider and its video autofocus, while still frustratingly inconsistent with the behavior in stills mode, is actually useable for all but the most demanding of projects. Realistically, if video is one of your primary needs, the Sony is the clear choice, even before you consider its ability to accept, via adapter, just about every dedicated cinema lens you might chance across.

However, the D850 isn’t utterly left for dead. Its video quality isn’t half bad and, so long as you have some experience of focusing and exposing video, it's pretty adept at quickly jumping back and forth between stills and video shooting. In fact, because it retains separate exposure settings for stills and video mode, it can actually be easier to switch between the two than it is on the Sony. To match this behavior, you need to configure one or more of the Sony’s Memory Recall modes, to ensure you don’t find yourself with a card full of stop-motion-like video clips shot at your ‘freeze the action’ shutter speed.

Verdict: Sony a7R III wins

Autofocus - Action

The D850 3D Tracking performance doesn't quite match the D5, but it's still capable of a very impressive performance. 3D Tracking will generally do a good job of recognizing the subject you initially point it at, then track it around the scene, using whichever AF point is closest to your subject's current position. It'll occasionally fall off the precise point you chose, and you're limited to the camera's comparatively small focus sensor region, but it'll generally do a great job and offers enough configuration options to cope even with complex action.

The Sony does a great job of keeping things in focus if you can keep the AF point over them, but its subject tracking isn't as surefooted as the D850's. Worse still, unlike Nikon's system, you can't specify which part of the subject you wish to track: the camera tries to identify the subject and then tracks all of it. This usually means focusing on whatever element is closest. Depending on your subject, that may not be good enough.

Verdict: Nikon D850 wins

Autofocus - People

Wedding photographers and just about anyone needing to shoot pictures of people will find the a7R III's Eye AF feature is a huge advantage. Sony wasn't the first to offer an AF mode that detects the subject's eyes but the implementation is pretty clever: in single AF mode Face Priority will focus on your subject's eye, but the clever stuff happens in C-AF mode. Here, you hold down a configured button and the camera focuses on your subject's eye, regardless of what AF area mode you were in.

This means that you can compose your image without having to perfectly position your AF, knowing that hammering down the Eye AF button will all-but ensure perfectly focused images on whichever eye is nearest your AF point.

Anyone needing to shoot pictures of people will find the a7R III's Eye AF feature a huge advantage

The above shot was achieved while holding a video camera to the a7R III's viewfinder, waving both devices around to show the degree to which Eye AF works, and where it fails. Despite all attention being on shooting this demonstration, rather than any photos, a handful of the resultant shots proved to be of a high enough standard to include in our samples galleries. Each of them pin sharp.

The D850 has no option to find eyes in the scene and its 3D Tracking, while good, can't be relied on to follow the subject's eye even if you point the camera to it. Beyond this, even when working with calibrated lenses, we simply wouldn't expect an off-center DSLR AF point to match the focus precision that the Sony will effortlessly achieve.

Verdict: Sony a7R III wins

Configuration and operation

Perhaps because the a7R III has such an extensive video and stills feature set, it absolutely demands that you spend time learning and configuring the camera. It’s a complaint we’ve regularly leveled at Olympus, over the years, and it’s just as true here. The a7R III can do so much that you really need to decide how you want to shoot, which tools you want access to, then carefully consider how to set the camera up to give easiest access to all these things. But taking this time is worth it, since there are some very powerful customization options available.

Even simple things like having a physical AF/MF switch count in the Nikon’s favor. But, while its ability to change all key functions by holding a button and turning a dial is a highly efficient and effective way of working (once you’ve become familiar with it), it’s a system that, for now, works primarily for stills. Not having things like a Log profile, much less a mode to offer a corrected preview mean there are fewer functions the Nikon needs to give quick access to.

Verdict: no clear winner


Both makers have spent the past few years going all-out to flesh-out their lens lineups. Nikon has an inherent advantage, of course, offering at least some degree of compatibility with a decades-deep back-catalog of lenses, the vast majority designed to be useful on full frame.

This advantage remains even if you limit yourself to the lenses Nikon says are well suited to the demands of 46MP, but Sony has an increasing number of the ‘essential’ bases covered. The new 24-105mm F4, for instance, seems great (though there's a hefty price tag associated with this apparent excellence), and we've been impressed by the 85mm F1.8.

And, while we wouldn’t recommend buying an a7R III if you plan only to shoot with adapted lenses (tilt-shifts aside, perhaps), it’s true that the Sony can at least make use of just about any lens you care to mount on it. So while you significantly reduce the camera's maximum shooting speed, you do at least retain functions like Eye AF.

Verdict: no clear winner

Operational speed

The D850 still has a slight edge in terms of operational speed over the a7R III. Sony has made great strides to remove the lags and delays from its menus and operation, but the D850 just feels like a more responsive camera. It could be a matter of perception, and I very much doubt the difference is within the realms of practical measurement, but what feels like the cumulative effect of fractions of a second here and there make me think of the D850’s operation being near-instantaneous in a way that I don’t get with the Sony.

Verdict: Nikon D850 (just)

The tiniest of margins

As we said earlier in this slideshow, you can no longer summarily decide which camera is going to be better for a given situation, based simply on whether it's Mirrorless or a DSLR. But with these two cameras it's near impossible to find any situation in which one definitively outshines the other.

You can no longer summarily decide which camera is going to be better for a given situation, based simply on whether it's Mirrorless or a DSLR

Landscapes? the DR differences are small enough that it comes down to a question of whether the weight difference or the built-in intervalometer swings it for you. The Sony is better at video in several respects, but if video isn't your primary concern, the D850 makes it so easy (out of the box) to jump from stills to video to stills that even that's not going to be a decisive victory for those just shooting the odd clip.

What's most striking about both cameras is how good they are across a range of subjects and shooting types, making them very hard to tease apart. The differences in video and in the areas of autofocus in which each excels (the Nikon for action, the Sony for pictures of people), apart there's no clear winner. This isn't fence-sitting on our part: they're genuinely two of the best cameras the world has ever seen.

Overall verdict: No clear winner

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Good Charlotte Pays Tribute to Lil Peep with 'Awful Things' Cover

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 7:47am
Good Charlotte gave Lil Peep a proper tribute during his memorial service on Dec. 2 in Long Beach, NY. The Joel Madden-led band performed a rock...
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Elton John 'In Shock' As His Mother Passes Away: 'I Will Miss You So Much'

Billboard.com - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 7:45am
Elton John is mourning the loss of his mother, Sheila Farebrother, who passed away on Monday (Dec. 4) at age 92. Details surrounding her...
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'The Voice' Singer Melanie Martinez Denies Rape Allegations, Is 'Horrified and Saddened' by Accusation

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Melanie Martinez, who appeared as a finalist on The Voice in 2012, has adamantly denied an accusation of sexual assault and rape by friend and fellow...
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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras over $2000

DPReview.com - Latest News - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 7:00am

The very best digital cameras on the market will cost you at least $2000. That's a lot of money, but generally speaking these cameras offer serious enthusiasts and working pros the highest resolution, best build quality and most advanced video specs out there. Here are our picks in the group.

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Armin van Buuren Teaches Fans to DJ With MasterClass: Exclusive

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For the past 20 years, Armin van Buuren has been making a living doing what he loves most in the world -- creating new music and commanding...
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