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This Week In Photography Books: IPG Project

A Photo Editor's Blog - Thu, 11/26/2015 - 12:43pm

by Jonathan Blaustein

My daughter loves pink. (Big surprise.) She’s a 3 year old girl, so it goes with the territory.

Just yesterday, we were in a little market near the mountains. She was wearing pink boots, pink pants, a pink shirt, a pink jacket, and her new pink glasses.

She made quite the impression on her fellow shoppers. One of them even asked, “Do you like pink, by any chance?”

“Yes,” she said. “Pink and purple and blue.”

We associate pink with little girls. With innocence and youth. It’s a happy and flippant color.


Well, that’s what I was thinking when I picked up “Sumimasen,” a new pink book by the IPG project, recently published by Editions du LIC.

Wait, you say. What are you doing? You can’t move on to the book review that quickly. Where’s your unexpected and witty transition? Are you mailing it in because it’s a holiday week? (Thanksgiving, here in the US.)

Fair point. It may seem like I’ve cheated you out of my trademark writerly aikido. And yet…

This week marks the 4th anniversary of the column in which I developed my now-signature style. I still remember the moment when my mother-in-law rapped on our door at night, brandishing a rather large gun, as there were trespassers in our field on Thanksgiving.

Somehow, the drama filtered down into my consciousness, and the next day, this column was born. I respect history, and appreciate that I might not have a job right now, had that gun not scared me shitless.

So do you really think I’m going to mail it in on the Thanksgiving column?

I don’t think so.

But then again, this little pink book is so adorable. With anime-like characters on the cover. So inviting. It makes me think of Hello Kitty, and crayons, and the little Winter stockings my daughter wears to pre-school.

Kittens and daydreams and Candyland!

You know what I don’t think of?

A Hello Kitty-mask-wearing, naked, Japanese porn actress whose entire life is captured on four webcams embedded around her small apartment.

(Dramatic pause.) What now?

That’s right. This cute pink book is actually a weird-as-hell meditation on the way Japanese culture forces people to offer two faces to the world: their true selves, which remain hidden, and the public mask, which shrouds the interior reality.

Let me say it again: What now?

Nothing could be less Thanksgiving-y than this book. It’s got plenty of boobs, and screen shots of lady parts. (As I’ve said 1000 times before, Boobs Sell Books℠) Yes, this is nobody’s idea of a children’s book.

(This is Mayura. Hi Mayura. See Mayura make breakfast. See Mayura clean the dishes. See Mayura masturbate with her large and intimidating vibrator.)

Normally, if I showed an edgy book like this, you’d just roll your eyes and say, “Blaustein’s keeping it real today.” But on Thanksgiving, it has to be more than that.

Let’s just say I wanted to bring the rhetoric down a notch from last week’s impassioned screed. True. But in this time of global strife, I think it’s always good to be reminded that the weird shit is what separates us from the Apes.

Anyone can put on a suit every day, punch the clock, make the donuts, and then drink away their misery in a big bottle of vodka. That’s called life. (For too many people.)

So this week, while you’re eating obscene amounts of turkey, laughing at your uncle’s inappropriate jokes, and restraining yourself from killing your obnoxious younger brother, remember this odd little pink book.

Because if this bit of naughty Japanese insanity can’t help you lighten up, maybe nothing can?

Bottom Line: Pornographic Japanese book in a nice little package

To Purchase “Sumimasen” Visit Photo-Eye



















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Rolling Stone Highlights the 'Common Man' 30 Years Later

CyberGrass.com - Internet Blue Grass News - Wed, 11/25/2015 - 11:34pm
John Conle with Lorraine JordanNashville, TN -- Bluegrass favorites Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road have taken North America by storm in 2015, and they continue to build upon that momentum with their latest John Conlee-assisted video, "Common Man," which was recently spotlighted by Rolling Stone. Along with sharing the video, the article gives fans a more in-depth look behind the history of the song, which was just re-recorded, bluegrass style. "Common Man" is available now through digital retailers on Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road's latest album, Country Grass.

The piece centers around the new version of the popular No. 1 hit, which also features original singer and Grand Ole Opry star John Conlee singing lead. The combination of Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road with Conlee brings new life to the tune, more than 30 years after the release with Rolling Stone noting "the group adds pristine multi-part vocal harmonies."

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road kicked off the year winning "Female Vocalist of the Year" and the prestigious "Song of the Year" at the 2015 SPBGMA Awards. Their summer release of Country Grass kept the momentum rolling. In addition to country star John Conlee, the star-studded project also features collaborations with some of Country music's top legends including Crystal Gayle, Lee Greenwood, The Kentucky Headhunters, T.G. Sheppard, Eddy Raven, and Marty Raybon in addition to the late Jim Ed Brown and Lynn Anderson.


  • Nov 28 - Myrtle Beach, SC - South Carolina State Bluegrass Festival
  • Dec 09-12 - Pigeon Forge, TN - Christmas in the Smokies
  • Dec 18 - Garner, NC - Christmas Party at Lorraine's Coffee House & Music
  • Jan 02 - Jekyll Island, GA - New Year's Bluegrass Festival

Hard work has paid off for this award winning bluegrass band. Having a dynamic show has earned them over 100 performances each year throughout North America at more than 60 major festivals. Carolina Road plays worldwide and hosts a national bluegrass festival, Christmas in the Smokies. They have hosted the Canadian Bluegrass Awards, toured Europe, and played 15 bluegrass cruises. Carolina Road's performance is a traditional sound with a fresh approach, which includes invigorating instrumentals, smooth blending vocals, and all the energy that you can stand!

Lorraine likes to think of the band as a family, and her band members have longevity in the band. Ben Greene (banjo/vocals) "2015 Banjo Player of the Year" has been with Carolina Road for 11 years. Josh Goforth (fiddle/guitar/vocals), has also been with them for 11 years, and is a Master Fiddle Player Extraordinaire! He was a 2009 Grammy award finalist for the CD Cuttin Loose. Tommy Long (guitar/lead vocals) has been with the band for 4 years. His outstanding lead vocals and driving rhythm guitar playing helps propel the band. Also, Jason Moore, much sought after bass player, will be touring with the band, and dobro player, Brad Hudson, who was a featured artist at the world famous Country Tonight's in Pigeon Forge, TN, and at the Legends Theater, in Halifax, NC.

Kentucky native and Grand Ole Opry member, John Conlee, has one of country music's most recognizable voices. Self-penned and signature hit "Rose Colored Glasses," was the first of over 30 hit singles, most of which charted in the Top 10 or better. Some of the songs from the John Conlee hit list include "Back Side of Thirty, " "Lady Lay Down," "Friday Night Blues," "Common Man," "I'm Only In It For The Love" and "Domestic Life." All of Conlee's hits have that unmistakable common thread - that unique voice. In 2015, Conlee hasn't slowed down and continues to cut songs with substance with the release of Classics 2 that includes a tribute to law enforcement titled "Walkin' Behind the Star."

To learn more about John Conlee and his latest project, Classics 2 or tour date specifics, visit www.JohnConlee.com.

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