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Leica S2 Announced

Here is an interesting announcement from the oldest 35mm camera maker in the world. Leica has announced a 30mmx45mm sensor digital SLR called the Leica S2 that will record a whopping 37MB digital image in Adobe's DNG raw file format. The Leica S system will include nine lenses, some with leaf shutters in the lens for very high speed flash sync. Note that the 30mmx45mm sensor is a 3:2 aspect ratio like existing 35mm digital SLR systems. This is the first "larger than 35mm" based digital SLR that isn't a medium format digital camera.

This Leica S2 article link does not provide sample images. Credit goes to Rob Galbraith for pointing me to this announcement. I was able to find another site with photos of the Leica S2 and S-series lenses, but still no sample images taken with the system.

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