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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta

Adobe has released a public beta of Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 2.0. The beta program will run through August of 2008. According to their website, the following enhancements are included in the beta release:

  • Localized Corrections — Enhance specific areas of an image for unsurpassed nondestructive flexibility and control reminiscent of the traditional darkroom dodge and burn experience.
  • Improved Organizational Tools — Find the images you need quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Monitor Support — Add an additional monitor to efficiently manage photographic workflow and presentation.
  • Flexible Print Package Functionality — Create custom layouts containing multiple sizes of a photograph on a single page.
  • 64-bit Support — Lightroom 2.0 now takes advantage of the latest hardware architectures with improved memory handling and performance.

You can read the official Release Notes for more details and to see read about the known issues. Visit the Adobe Labs Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta page at Adobe Labs to download and install the beta release.

NOTE: The Lightroom 2.0 beta program is available for use by all current Lightroom customers. If you don't already own a copy of Lightroom you can download the beta and try it for thirty days. If thirty days is not enough time, Lightroom customers can invite friends to try the beta with them for the full length of the program.

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Two monitor functionality! Yeahhhh! Finally!
I wonder if it supports custom watermarking with an image, rather than just text. (How primitive!)

While this is very exciting news for many photographers, please be aware of the gotcha's of this beta program. Two of the items that stand out the most to me:

  • Lightroom 1.x libraries cannot be upgraded to 2.0 libraries in the beta version of the product. Your prior imports and changes are lost!
  • Develop settings applied in 2.0 beta may not transfer to 2.0 final. Your changes may be lost!

There are many more known issues to consider before jumping on the beta-bandwagon. Please view the following document for details:
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 Beta Release Notes

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Beta software is meant to test for bugs and usability and allow feedback on implementations. It is not meant as a jumpstart to using the actual product in GA although I know that a lot of folks want it to be that way. There are often numerous Beta releases and sometimes desirable features are actually removed before GA because of conflicts or time constraints for fixing "issues" that didn't occur to the developer. I know, I'm a programmer and have been there and done that. And yes, it sometimes upsets people when things change at GA.

I'm a LightRoom user (awaiting 1.4 to re-return) and will likely not participate in this Beta unless I simply get curious.

Dwight McCann

Is it available for those of us who use Windows based machines?

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Jamie "Shooter" Taylor
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Yes. Don't be lazy .. lol. If you had clicked the link to the Adobe Labs page you would have seen that it is available for Windows and Mac.

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