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Jeff Sedlik on The Value of Photography

Jeff Sedlik, co-founder of PLUS and world renowned music photographer, discusses the value of photography in this January 2006 Rangefinder Magazine article. Every photographer should give it a read, and then they should do a Google search on Jeff Sedlik. He is considered the premiere jazz photographer.

Getting the Pass: Venue vs. Publicity vs. Band

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Commonly, the question of "Do I go through the venue, the band, or through publicity?" comes up. In this entry I will discuss the most feasible & common methods.

Common methods of getting the pass:

- Pre-approval through publicity

- Request through management

- Petitioning a band member; Band member requesting on your behalf

- Petitioning the tour manager

- Petitioning the venue

Pre-approval through publicity:

** This is the most common, feasible, reliable, and appropriate method **

RIP - Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg died Sunday, Dec 16th at his home in Maine from prostate cancer at age 56.