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Concert Photography: How to Shoot and Sell Music Business Photographs


Title: Concert Photography: How to Shoot and Sell Music Business Photographs
Author: Jon Sievert
Publisher: humble press; 1 edition (January 1, 1997)

Jon's book is the only photography book ever written that deals specifically with concert photography as a career. In this book, Jon discusses all of the aspects of being a music photographer.

  • where to look for artists to photograph
  • how to deal with talent, managers, and PR personnel
  • how to build a portfolio and get yourself established
  • how to secure credentials and what to do next
  • preparing for a shoot, and how and what to shoot
  • off-stage, backstage, and on-location shooting
  • protecting your rights to your photographs
  • marketing and licensing your stock portfolio

He also discusses equipment, and lists publications and tour merchandisers. Thought this book was written in 1997, many of the topics presented are still applicable and no other books exist that address this specific field of photography as a career. The book is also wonderfully illustrated with dozens of Jon's world class music photographs that clearly demonstrate his status as one of the world's top music photographers.

Rating: Highly Recommended