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Lifecycle of a Freelance Photography Job

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Tony Luna has written a multi-part business series on Photo.net that discusses in detail the lifecycle stages of a freelance photography job. The link below takes you to the introduction where you will find links to the remainder of the series. Each part is presented as a stand-alone article. The entire series is a great read, whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro.


Doug Menuez - Survival as a Freelancer

This is the opening paragraph from an EP article and interview with Doug Menuez.

To survive the creative, economic and emotional chaos of a life in photography your career must be designed for longevity. To achieve longevity, you must reconcile the conflict between what you shoot for money and what you love to shoot. Ideally, you get paid to shoot exactly what you love to shoot, every day. Reaching this nirvana requires making tough choices, a careful business strategy and attention to basic business practices. (Or be super talented/lucky, born wealthy or marry a brilliant business manager.

How many of you are?

I am member of a Union representing photographers
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I am a member of a professional photographers association
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I am a member of both
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I am thinking about joining one or both
31% (16 votes)
I am a hobbyist so I have no need to join either
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I have no interest in joining either
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Total votes: 51

Forced to take a photo: Can turning down a shoot be considered discrimination?

While it is highly unlikely you will ever encounter legal trouble for turning down a shoot, consider this: If you are hired to shoot a client whom you determine you want nothing to do with, then turn down the shoot, could you be taken to court? In New Mexico, this has been proven to be an actual risk.

Copyright Protection: Part 5 - Copyright Resources

You may find these additional resources of benefit in protecting and defending your rights as a copyright owner.

Copyright Protection: Part 3 - Taking Action - Resolution

After you discover unauthorized use of your photographs, collect and organize all the evidence, research license fees, and thoroughly document all the uses in your chart, it is time to take action. You may choose to approach the offender directly, or you may choose to turn your information over to your attorney and let them manage the case for you. Working directly with the offender is to your benefit for multiple reasons, but also has potential problems if not done properly.