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Canon Develops World's Largest CMOS Sensor

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With a 202 x 205 mm (8 x 8 inch) sensor that can capture 60 fps with a mere 0.3 lux of light, could concert videography produce individual still frames so clean and large that there would be no need for traditional concert photography?

Selecting Monobloc Lights (from Strobist's David Hobby)

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Strobist editor and ace lighting guru David Hobby has written the first in what will be a series of blog posts detailing his personal experience in selecting a new set of monobloc lights. Read the first installment titled "Mono Monday: Choosing the Right Big Lights" over on strobist.blogspot.com and keep looking back there every Monday for the next article in the series.

Wireless Flash: RadioPoppers vs. PocketWizards vs. Nikon & Canon

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Over on the Strobist blog, David Hobby discusses his first impressions of the RadioPopper. Like Nikon's SU-800 with Nikon SB800 & SB600 flashes or Canon's ST-E2 and Canon 580EX II & 430EX flashes, the RadioPopper offers full TTL control. Like PocketWizard systems, the RadioPopper uses radio signals for all of its communication between the transmitter and the receivers. What you get is a beautiful marriage of TTL over radio signals. Why is this important?

Capturing in RAW vs JPG

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This article explores the difference between capturing digital photographs in camera native raw format and JPG format. Digital SLR cameras capture 12-bits of data per pixel. Some of the newer, high-end digital SLR cameras now capture 14-bits of data per pixel. This is a tremendous amount of granularity to capture at each sensor location (pixel) - 4,096 tonal values for 12-bit cameras, and 16,384 tonal values for 14-bit cameras.