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Introduce yourself!

Hello all,

Please introduce yourself.

I'll start :)

I'm a Finnish semi-pro music photographer. I have a dayjob which basically pays my camera equipment, but I do some magazine work and sell pictures to record companies and the like. I'm also a house photographer at Lutakko, which is a small-ish club (fits 530 audience members) in Jyväskylä, the city where I live.

I've learned most of what I know in small clubs (Lutakko, mainly), so I have learned to deal with poor lighting conditions (both quality and quantity).

You can find some selected photo series at my home pages: http://www.bjorklid.net/
Here's a sort of feed of my photos (newest first): Click

My goals on a gig are some of these (not all of them apply always):
- Capture "the decive moment"
- Capture energy, emotion or whatever the artist represents
- Capture a visual representation of the artist's music
- Get an unique angle or composition

I dislike taking basic man-playing-guitar-behind-the-microphone photos. I would like to be able to create photos that haven't seen a thousand times before, not even by the AD of a music magazine.

I'm a regular photographer (freelance-basis) for the following Finnish magazines (I'm sure the names mean nothing to most of you):
- Rumba (a bi-weekly music magazine, rather popular)
- Keskisuomalainen (a major newspaper, central Finland)
- Miasma (an underground metal magazine)

I use Canon digital SLRs. Currently my main camera is 5D (but I'll get the 1Dmk3 at some point this year, just to have more freedom to stop movement at will - very usable ISO3200 and ok-ish ISO6400). I have a couple of Tamron and Canon zooms (mostly f2.8, except the ultrawide zoom which is f2.8-f4.0) and "redundant" primes for bad lighting conditions and/or energetic music. I also use a fish eye (Canon EF 15/2.8 ), which I really like for heavy metal (examples: 1, 2, 3)

Oh, and I'm the administrator of this site :)

Feel free to drop me a mail: kalle (_at_) bjorklid.net
...or you can contact me by MSN Messenger: kbjorklid (_at_) hotmail.com <- don't send mail.

hey Kalle - cool of you to set up this site. i'm narlus on the POTN boards.

basic background:
huge fan of music, but recent convert into the world of photography. married the two via gig shoots, and so far after 12 months i've had fun, learned a lot, and hope to continue learning. gear is a 30D w/ three primes, though i did just get a 17-55 EF-S lens a few months ago...so far it's not seen much use, as most of the gigs i go to are pretty dark.

last 5 records i've bought:

sunn O))) / Boris - Altar (inoxia boxset)
various artists - piss pounder 3lp set
helena espvall - nimis & arx
various singles from not not fun
sand snowman - cd on time-lag

Hello Kalle and narlus, this is great.
Sorry this is a longish story..
Ok about myself...My full time job is a foh or Monitor systems engineer for a large production company here in Australia, so its all access for me.
I personally prefer Monitor World because most bands bring there own foh guy but not always a monitor guy so i get to become friends with the band for the evening if i do a good job on stage sound..
Many years ago, on the weekends i wasn't doing audio, u would find me at the touring cars, F1 power boats, Jet ski titles etc doing contract photography for papers, or associated magazine with my faithful eos 1n,70-200 2.8 non is, 17-40 f4 etc and never used this gear at a gig.
I was afraid someone would borrow it permanently. So i purchased a little point n shoot sony DSC-V1, some good time exposure stuff but thats it.
A few weeks ago i bought a eos 400D to use with my L's (not much work on till middle of April) so cheap is good at the moment.
WOW low light photography is not that easy, 2.8 is the fastest i have and in these venues im practicing in, only have a few par cans so I'll upload some of my first gig photos for you to scrutinize.
I remember the 2/3 song curfew with most major acts and the photographers getting herded out, I'm behind their monitor guy and the promoter is behind me saying wait till their gone,no flash. But that was with the point n shoot, with a 200 1.8 i might not be so lucky.
Ok i have said enough...hope this site becomes a haven for info and help...

Hello, everyone!

I've been photographing with varying enthusiasm since 1998, was lucky to learn from my father to use fully manual SLR (which I still use just for fun), got truly interested in photos in 2004 when I got myself my first digital compact and a big kick came with first Digital SLR soon after.

My day job is at industrail company, job is mostly about PR and supporting marketing, planning and shooting mostly marketing and product shootings.

First music photos I shot at local club less than a year ago (they turned out to be quite bad) and since completing my low light equipment and trying to get something earth shaking expression in photos. Currently I shoot weekly for a local club and occasionally in surrounding towns at bigger and better lit venues (Pakkahuone at Tampere is so far my favourite).

I use Nikon and couldn't be more happy with bodies, lighting system and UI, but I tryly miss the high ISO performance of Canon CMOS sensor. At work I do have some Canon stuff but unfortunately nothing useful to shoot bands with.

Favourite lenses are 50 f/1.4 and 85 f/1.8. Lately I've been listening to Diablo, Ismo Alanko and Viikate, and I mess around in my kitchen quite often with pasta, tomatoes and chicken.

Live hard, die hard

Well hello all you photographing maniacs there! ;)

I'm a photographer from Finland and I've been music photographing for over a year now. My camera equipment is EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT. I have two lenses, Canon EF 24-70/2.8 L USM and Sigma 10-20/4-5.6 EX DC.

I started photographing immediately after buying the EOS 350D. Before buying the camera I deceided to buy it for music photgraphing. I took my camera every gig I went and that's how it started. Now I'm planning to buy a new body, propably 5D or if I'm patient enough, EOS 1D mkII or III :- Eather way I have to save LOT of money and it'll take at least 2 years to get a new body...

My roots are in cinematography and I've shot lots of short films (student films) and one of them is actually aired in Finnish television 1,5 years ago. Next one will be aired within a month. Then I've also shot couple of music vids and now I'm planning next video which I'll also direct. It will be my first time as a music video director. The shootings will be in two weeks, kind of exciting!

But still, I love photographing the most. I've been very active photographer since October 2006 and I usually photograph like at least 5 gigs/ month. Actually, I have to go now to my next gig! See you around!!

Hello all! I really like the idea of a site dedicated to music photography, thanks for setting it up Kalle!

I'm married, have 4 kids and I'm a web developer by trade. I live in Branson, MO touted as the Live Music Capital of the World with 100+ shows in 49 different theatres. So I have a lot of shows/venues to choose from. Ironically my musical tastes run away from Branson and more towards the hard rock side of things. :D I'm not totally new to photography as I was very much into it some 20 years ago in college even to the point of processing my own film so that I could control every thing. But as I left college, got married, got busy with work, I shot less and less. The old Konica is still sitting in it's original bag here in my office. When the digital cameras came along I started getting into it a little at a time, and when I got my 20D a little over a year ago, I got the fever all over again. :D I love to take all kinds of pictures, but given that I have websites dedicated to Branson (here and here) and that I have clients that are in Branson, and I love the challenge of music photography - I've gravitated to really try and specialize in the live performance photos. I've lived here 20+ years and I've probably seen more local shows in the past 6 months than I've seen all the rest of the years combined. :D

My equipment is the 20D, 17-55 2.8IS (most used lens), 70-200 2.8IS, 85 1.8, 50 1.4, 28 1.8. I'm fortunate that most of the venues here have sufficient light to use the 2.8 most of the time. Notice I said sufficient, not good ;). I could probably ramble on, but I'll spare you.

Thanks again Kalle for making this site available,



gear list

Hi all! Another POTN transfer ;) I'm René Damkot, and manage (just) to live from photography. Main income is assisting a few photographers in advertising photography. Band photography is mostly a hobby, and is where it all started. "It" started around 1992, but looking back, that wasn't much. Used a Minolta something or other, then a Nikon EM, FG, F301. Around 1996 I studied photography and started working as an assistant, I also got myself a Nikon F801s. AF helped a lot. A while later I switched to a Canon Eos 1n for the better (IMHO) UI. Now I use a 1DMk2, with assorted lenses: 20mm/1.8; 28/1.8; 50/1.4; 100/2.0; 20-35L and 80-200L. Happy with the equipment, apart from low light AF and ETTL performance, where I occasionally still miss Nikon... Main venue where I "hobby" is Atak, where I am the "house photographer" (I cover an estimate of 80% of the gigs).

bmoguy wrote:
Hello all! I really like the idea of a site dedicated to music photography, thanks for setting it up Kalle!

I'm happy that I wasn't apparently completely wrong for the demand for such site :). I just hope we'll gather enough users to get proper momentum. Please tell your passionate music photographing friends about this site, but make sure you don't spam :)

Edit: by the way, if anybody's wondering what the heck is "POTN", here's the link (another forums site upkept by a Finnish guy :)):

There is a "photo sharing forum" for performing arts images, which for me wasn't quite enough. Here are the main reasons:
- It says Canon digital photography forums. To me, photography is an art form where the equipment plays a fairly minor role (well, if the equipment is good enough ;)). I'm consider myself primarily as a photographer, not a camera equipment owner. Measure my success by my photos, not by the equipment my money has bought me. And yes, if you sense a bit of an attitude here, you aren't mistaken ;). But I mainly keep my attitude to my self - the point is, this is an art-driven site. And BTW, film photographers are more than welcome to this site as well.
- There's more to music photography than just sharing photos. If the other forums are for "generic" photography, information specific to music photography (for instance the business aspects and equipmnent) get buried in all the other discussions

Yet another subscriber from Finland greets ya all!

First things first: I have been photographing for a couple of years now. First just "something general" and after getting my hands on Canon 350D (Rebel XT), live gigs. Since today I have been moving on to a new camera quite often, mainly because I'm not really soak up with money and I only afford some minor updates at a time. Many years ago I begun with second-hand Fuji 4900Z (quite nice low-light performance for a camera like this!) and after a year or so moved on to Fuji 7000S. This update was mandatory since the 4900Z was slowly breaking up... I had 7000S only for half a year and finally got 350D. Low light performance (and cheap 50/1.8 lens) really boosted my live photography and soon I found myself shooting gigs every week. Last december I sold my 350D and got second-hand 20D. Lenses I currently use for live photography are Canon 50/1.4 and 10-22/3.5-4.5.

At the moment I'm 'house photographer' of a medium sized (in local scale ;)) club in Turku, Finland. I shoot one or two gigs per week. In addition to live photography I try to shoot portraits as much as possible.

And finally the not-so-important stuff. I'm 25, a student of information technology (currenty working on my master's thesis) and a huge fan of metal music. Favourite bands of all time are In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Opeth.

Markus Lehto

Well, I screwed the pooch [translation: I made a mistake.] ... I just put my introduction in the Suggestion Box ... Kalle you may want to delete/move it, sigh ... I guess it didn't make me any smarter to join here. I did notice we can't upload avatars. I saw this forum in Kalle's signature on POTN. I will have to come back another time to read through what is here and get involved but it will be a great help to discuss critical issues in more detail with people who are dedicated.

Admin note (Kalle): No problem, below is the message you wrote to the other place. I'm very happy that you found your way here. I'm being careful not to do anything that could be seen as spamming, so I'm just hoping that people who like this more finely grained [read: more organized] music discussion board will find their way here from POTN. Not that I want to make them stop writing there or anything...

It feels strange coming to a new forum after being one of the "old guys" in another forum for so long. It's not that I am leaving the old forum, POTN, but that I am drawn to this much more focused and hopefully critical gathering because I know a few of the extant members. At least a couple of folks here know me, but for the rest:

I am a 61 year old computer programmer for the University of California at Santa Barbara where I have worked for over 30 years. I am happily married, this time, with a five year old daughter. I live in Buellton which is a town of maybe five thousand in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills appellation right in the middle of SIDEWAYS country ... I ate in all the places shown in the movie long before the movie ... now I can't afford to eat there as they raised the prices! I have been photographing for about 40 years as an amateur and for most of that time with Nikon equipment. Over the past five years I have done a lot of Pro Bono work and by a huge set of fortuitous coincidences one of my clients arranged for me to shoot at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, California, where I am the house photographer for the Entertainment Department. Since getting this ongoing gig I have replaced all my Nikon gear with Canon gear and invest most of my income from the casino in equipment and supplies. I am in my third year of shooting almost one performance a week of mostly world class talent ... and most are (well) over 50 years old! :-)

This year my business plan is targeted at migrating from Ulead PhotoImpact to Adobe Photoshop and from only jpegs to RAW by way of taking seminars/classes. So far I have taken one class in digital workflow that was directed mostly at Light Room. I own Light Room and the Adobe Creative Suite 2 but have a long investment in other software to overcome.

As to my business of photography, the casino gig and a couple of other ongoing clients allow me to acquire whatever equipment I want ... I had to save for six months to buy my 400mm f/2.8L IS so it's not that I can buy everything at once but I have quite a bit to budget. I am doing this part time with the expectation that by the time I retire from the University in three or four years that I will have a stunning portfolio of performers, a significant equipment inventory and ever growing experience and facility with workflow. So, while the realities of living may force me to shoot other genres (such as weddings, sigh, and glamor/portraits, hmmm) I expect that I will continue to be mostly a Live Entertainment photographer.

I guess that's more than enough for now. I shoot Charo tonight.


Dwight McCann

G'day all, Richard from Australia here - quite a few of you know at least my online persona from POTN.

Well done Kalle on setting this forum up!

A little about me - I'm 40 years young and have been taking music/concert photos on and off for over 20 years but decided to get serious about it at the end of 2005 when I bought a digital SLR and took a break from a career in Public Relations.

I shoot with Canon equipment and my passion is for loud rock bands generally with a bit of an alternate twist; I shoot as a freelancer and have a client list that includes many Australian bands (both high and not so high profile) as well as several music and guitar publications in both the print and online world. I shoot in a variety of environments ranging from small pub/club shows to major festivals and everything in between. I mainly do live photography but also do some promo shoots as well.

My website is currently being revamped (which is why it hasn't been upgraded since January) so expect a new and more complete site in the near future. I generally blog my photos on myspace as well.

I look forward to being an active participant in this forum.

Forgot to add... bit of a shit stirrer at times!

Hey Kalle, a fledgeling website just for me - Yippee! ;D How thoughtful!

A geat idea and I hope it develops into a large and popular resource. ;)

I got the link from a post I read on POTN earlier and thought - no way, this is just what is needed... I mainly just shoot music and the stage. Which mostly means music and some dance, when I'm asked or when the opportunity arises.

I'm a hobbyist, I mean, "freelance" who works for free, I mean "pro bono" ;) though things are picking up lately and I'm being asked for rates - so a topic starter on that front shortly.

Like most no-pro music photographers I endure awful lighting and small venues, causing me to have to chimp to see that what the camera saw was what I had hoped it would see. I do however enjoy shooting less and less frames per gig and getting more and more keepers, though every gig is different - which is sometimes a good challenge.

I live in Cork, Ireland, and returned to photography some 18+ months ago after a break of 6-7 years. I finally twisted my arm and went digital, and broke from my Nikon film roots to go Canon digital. Mostly I shoot local Cork bands, and as most of my friends are musicians or dancers of some description, I'm also shooting dance when occasion arises. Oh, almost forgot, I seem to be getting on with jazz best of all, probably given that it's quite photogenic in itself and the musicians just get absorbed in their own world..

I'm not particularly a fan of clubs or competitions but might have to reconsider if I want to go for a Licenciate distinction from a recognised body, in order to raise my public profile. :o

I'm looking forward to participating on here, and hope that I can contribute as well as glean some much needed tips & tricks!

All the best, and thanks again Kalle! :D


My PBase gallery

"David, what musical instrument do you play?" "I play the Hasselblad!" (David Redfern)

Greetings all,

another Finn signing up! I got my first real camera (Olympus 35RC) at the age of seven as a present from my father, but got into photography more seriously in the late '90s. I stumbled upon live concert photography when visiting a local rock club and just happened to have my camera with me; the challenge of capturing the action on stage was a thrill and provided a way to combine two of my passions into a new favorite pastime.

After a few years of shooting mostly new and relatively unknown young bands (who usually really appreciated somebody putting even a little effort in their live photos) with sometimes very satisfying results (atleast to my eye :)), family life "saved" me from having to hang out at dark clubs and venues every night with two cameras and a bag of lenses. However, after acquiring my first DSLR last year and discovering the amazing stuff at Huumakuva.net, the spark for concert photography was reignited.

Lately I've found that I don't aim for capturing the mood of the show or the 'essence' of the artists I shoot as much as using them as defenseless subjects for creating maybe a little more portrait-like images of people doing what they enjoy (badly described, but maybe some of the pics of the Finnish progressive-rock band 'Tasavallan Presidentti' on my website can serve as an example of what I'm after). I have no professional ambitions about photography; I'm extremely happy if someboby besides myself likes the images I produce.

Currently I'm still struggling with my Nikon D80 in difficult lighting (yeah, digital just ain't film) and hope to get some good advice (artistic as well as technical) from the members of this forum.

Hi Kalle, Hi all,

well I introduce myself.
I'm 35 yo, semi-pro music photographer in Dijon (Burgundy), France.
I'm mainly specialised in blues music (first I'm a big fan of blues), but I also do other kinds of music (French pop, rock, electro...) : I work for a concert place in the city I live in.

I've just discovered this discussion board, but before I discovered Kalle's pictures on his website, I must say I'm really a big fan of them !!

this is my website : http://www.photoscenique.com/

This site is a Godsend!

Hello everyone, I live just outside of Toronto and I have been shooting for just about a year now. Recently I have been finding that concert photography seems to be what I want to do most. I don't get to shoot many shows and most of the venues where I live are pretty shitty as far as lighting goes but I thought I wasn't doing to badly until I stumbled across Kalles work. Very humbling moment indeed.

I am sort of the house photographer for a small venue in my city but they are just starting out and the shows are not as often as I'd like them to be. I shoot Nikon equipment, D200 to be specific with just a few lenses so far. My most used lens is my 80-200mm f/2.8 but would really like to pick up a 17-55 f/2.8 soon. I am also interested in the Sigma 30mm f/1.4. My post processing skills are minimal right so be prepared for the onslaught of newbie questions.

I too really want to thank Kalle for setting this site up and for all the other photographers that are here to share their experience. Drop by my site and feel free to shred my work. I need the C&C!

Cheers to all...



Askar Ibragimov

Age 28
Current residence - Oulu, Finland
Main activity - doing PhD in physics
Interests - all sort of photography, especially travel photo and concerts, also portraits.
DSLR bought in Octiber 2006. I use Nikon D80, Tokina 12-24/4, Nikkor 80-200/2.8 and 18-70 kit. Plan to have 50/1.4 in few months.
The best of (not really complete set) - http://middeneaht.deviantart.com/gallery/
Big fan of anime, therefore the nick :)
Most beloved music - melodic metal, gothic.
Russian blog is at http://users.livejournal.com/_tsukasa/

Askar Ibragimov - middeneaht.deviantart.com


This site IS a godsend! I haven't found any other forum on the net dedicated just to music. Very cool!

This forum looks pretty new (correct me if i'm wrong). Glad to be here to share with other like minded photographers. ;D

Photography & Photographic Web Design

Tsukasa your shots of Yngwie Malmsteen are spot on. I really like them!

Photography & Photographic Web Design

Welcome to all who've joined sofar (and those joining in the future, also ;))

TWP wrote:
This forum looks pretty new (correct me if i'm wrong). Glad to be here to share with other like minded photographers. ;D

You're not wrong. We're in a sort of "community forming phase", people are getting to know each other and so on (I'm a bit frustrated that I have been so busy with other things lately, but I hope to be more active in commenting pictures and so on myself).

That's cool. It's really good to join a forum at this stage when people can get to "know" each other :)

A little more about me, living in London for the last 6 years but originally from Cape Town, South Africa. For the last 9 years I have been a lighting technician to the entertainment industry while photography has always been a hobby since studying it at school. Up till 2 years ago I used a Pentax P30T 35mm film camera and in the last 2 years I have turned to professional photography. I now shoot digital (the only way to get ahead nowadays ;D) and use a Canon EOS 20D.

Photography & Photographic Web Design

Hello, glad I found this forum, seems really interesting and I will surely take a closer look :) I'm Caroline from Austria, I do live and Promo photography and for an overview of my work u can check out my Deviantart page: http://dragonlady1.deviantart.com or my live pics page www.photopit.com :)

Welcome Caroline! Just out of curiosity, how did you find this forum? Most sofar have come here because of the link I have used in my signature on other boards, but I can't remember seeing your nick elsewhere.

I think I googled it while looking for websites about music photography

Hi Caroline, it is fun to see your page on deviantart :)

Askar Ibragimov - middeneaht.deviantart.com

Here's another one from POTN.

Started shooting local bands around clubs at my old hometown about 25 years ago when I was 17 (showing my age here) using my friends' equipment. Mostly with Canon A and AE (I think they were), sometimes an Olympus, sometimes a Minolta until another friend bought a Praktica. The body died so he gave me the lenses as he went off and bought an EOS600 with a 50-200 lens (which, incidentally I now own as well). Got a body for the praktica glass (think it was a B100) traded it in Rotterdam for a 2nd hand B200. 2 years ago I picked up a 28mm f/2.8. The entire Pratika kit is in full working order and am thinking of bringing it out of retirement this week.

Went digital a few years ago with a Nikon D70. As much as it is a great camera it never really got to be my friend. In the end it was just in the bag on a hook and I never brought it with me on travels so I got rid of it.

A year went by and I decided to get back in to photography again. I thought long and hard about what to get. Did consider to give Nikon a go again but when my buddy (who gave me the Prakitka kit) said the old EOS600 and lens were just sat in a bag doing nothing and I could have it, I decided to go with Canon. I spent weeks reading reviews, comparing, thinking, reading a bit more, looking at my budget until I finally decided on the 350D. I absolutely love it and what it does for me.

I do websites and marketing for the music industry which more often than not give me all access to shoot. Years ago I used to roadie on tours so got to shoot a lot then as well.

It's been a hobby all the time but lately my pictures have been used by bands on their websites. Recently had a band use my pictures to accompany interviews in Irish press. Another band called me and aske dme to come shoot their gig. Maybe I should take those incidents as major hints and start taking my hobby to the next level.

I have no formal training. I have one or two courses of dark room technique and used to do my own prints. Some I blew up as posters and gave to friends at christmases and birthdays. I am slowly starting to figure out aperture and shutterspeed but when you guys start talking about second curtain synking, shutter drag etc, you could be speaking martian as far as I'm concerned.

I'm in the process of setting up a portfolio site under shesgotthepic.com got the idea to the nick name on POTN through a friend in an MSN chat so that's how that came about. Here I use my real initials just to shorten things.

Anyway - just because someone here has Steve Morse as a profile picture I just had to put Ian Paice on mine. ;)

I like this forum as much as POTN. The difference is that here I can (and will) ask questions that are not related to Canon cameras. Plus, this is dedicated to music photography - period! Been looking for that for ages. Thanks for starting it up, Kalle.


hello :) yeah I've also been looking for a forum like this for ages... there are many foto forums around but the main focus isnt on music so this one is simply amazing!

hey now gang! another potn transfer here. as a huge fan of kmb's work, i figured i needed to sign up here.
a bit about me: i've been enthralled with photography since my father used to set up the bronica for me as a child. i'm doubting my decision to study computers in college, as i would kill for a day job in photography. i love music just as much as photography. i've been doing concert photography for 10 years, and have managed to get myself published across many different mediums. i am a photo editor for a magazine call Honest Tune, which focuses on "jam bands" and american roots. however, for the past year my main focus has been my personal site, musicphotog.com
i live in atlanta georgia with my fiance. i am very lucky that she loves the same music as i, and is so supportive of my "hobby".

-michael saba


Afternoon folks, another one migrating across from POTN, this looks great :-)

mark kennedy rab-cilbup.smugmug.com

hello all. I stumbled across this site and thought it would be great to talk to other photogs. :) anyways, my name is Jenna and I'm in Northern California. I've been photographing for about 2 years now so I'm still fairly new to the whole thing. I have a day job where I work in a state office and help people with consumer issues and by night is when I'm out taking photos. I'd love to take photos as a full time thing, but it hasn't happened yet... seeing as I take photos for a non-profit currently. I'm a mother of 2 wonderful babies: Christian who will be 4 and Isabella who will be 1. :)

my gear:
Nikon D70, SB-800 flash, 50mm f1.8, 18-70mm f3-4.5, 55-200mm f4-5.6 & 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye (its so fun to play with :D)

its nice to meet all of you!

Jenna Salazar

Bryon Zammit wrote:
This site is a Godsend!

Hello everyone, I live just outside of Toronto and I have been shooting for just about a year now.

I hope you are making the most of NXNE which started yesterday. I think I read it's 400 bands playing at 40 clubs or something like that.

Wish I was there. My alltime favorite city in the world.

Wow you know about it! I was going to try and see NLX Natasha Alexandra last night but I couldn't go. Lucky thing because I ended up at a small club here in Hamilton where I live and saw amazingly enough the legendary Brian Auger! I don't know if you know who he is but he played B3 for bands like Led Zepplelin, Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart and so on. He was incredible!!!

Bryon Zammit wrote:
Wow you know about it! I was going to try and see NLX Natasha Alexandra last night but I couldn't go. Lucky thing because I ended up at a small club here in Hamilton where I live and saw amazingly enough the legendary Brian Auger! I don't know if you know who he is but he played B3 for bands like Led Zepplelin, Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart and so on. He was incredible!!!

B3 sounds terribly excellent on everything. I've heard it be played on jazz, rock and heavy songs and that sound is a pleasure! A true organic sound.

Live hard, die hard

Hi everyone :)

Got talking to Kalle again today at Sauna Open Air and he gave me the address for the forum... have had a look around and this looks like just the sort of place we all need :) Nice work!!

I'm currently living in England but I am originally from Australia. Have been attacked by the travel bug and like to try and incorporate traveling with concert / festival photography when I can :) I have been photographing gigs for a couple of years now. I work as a medical secretary for a psychiatrist... so the two are in completely different worlds for me and is probably why I love to escape to the music side of things as often as I can :)

I have had work published in magazines and newspapers a few times and have worked in an official capacity at Bloodstock (UK metal fest) up until this year's fest. I do have a rather basic portfolio site at the moment at www.oakers.co.uk - it is in dire need of being altered but had to go with what I've got there as I had some problems with hosting pages in their original format :/ I also run a website - www.musicxtra.net - and my work can be found on there.

Have checked out some of the work you guys have posted... reallllly impressive :)

Welcome, Mary.

Looking forward to seeing some of your photos from Sauna here...

Mary Evans wrote:
I have had work published in magazines and newspapers a few times and have worked in an official capacity at Bloodstock (UK metal fest) up until this year's fest. I do have a rather basic portfolio site at the moment at www.oakers.co.uk - it is in dire need of being altered but had to go with what I've got there as I had some problems with hosting pages in their original format :/ I also run a website - www.musicxtra.net - and my work can be found on there.

Mary! How dare you? You say that what you've seen here posted is impressive and you supply a link to your portfolio site. Hey sheila, THAT is impressive. Dang fine work on your site.

Where in UK are you? I'm Swedish and UK based myself.


emt wrote:
Mary! How dare you? You say that what you've seen here posted is impressive and you supply a link to your portfolio site. Hey sheila, THAT is impressive. Dang fine work on your site.

Where in UK are you? I'm Swedish and UK based myself.


Haha... umm because it is impressive!? :P Thanks, glad you like my stuff :)

Sweden? cool, how long have you been out here? I'm pretty much in concert / gig photographer hell... Southport :)

Bryon Zammit wrote:
Wow you know about it!

I was a panelist on it a few years ago. I also lived in GTA a loong time ago and have a very firm plan to die a Canadian citizen. Now, how I am to impliment that plan is a whole different ballgame.

Anyway - should have been attending this year but sadly no go. Should have attended CMW last year but got stuck in MetalWorks in Mississauga instead. Attended CMW a couple of years ago and saw Jimmy Bowskill live. DAMN! That guy can play. Got to get his new album. He's just getting better and better.

I have an aerial shot of downtown T'ronno on my macbook pro desktop. I need to get out there and get some city skyline shots and just fill my walls with Toronto pictures soI feel like I'm at home. I don't need no Manhattan skyline image - thank you very much.

btw - my fave band in the world is Canadian as well. What a coinsidence. ;-)

Mary Evans wrote:
Haha... umm because it is impressive!? :P Thanks, glad you like my stuff :)

Sweden? cool, how long have you been out here? I'm pretty much in concert / gig photographer hell... Southport :)

I'm in Cheltenham. Been in UK for 4 years now. We'll see how much longer.


work in progress: www.shesgotthepic.com

Hi everyone! I'm a POTN lurker.. I don't post much, it's a pretty big forum.. This one seems to be exactly where I wanna be! :D I'm really looking forward to posting some of my own photos and hearing what you think.

I'm Megan, 17 years old and from the very North of Scotland. My gear is pretty basic (somewhat embarassing!) - 350D, kit lens, 50mm 1.8, Sigma 70-300 APO DG (I don't know what those letters stand for..), Zenitar 16mm, 430EX and a bunch of old filters and other stuff that belonged to my dad - He was quite into his photography when he was younger, but never pro or anything. :)

So.. At the moment I'm working in a local cafe part time, and assisting a pro wedding photographer. I do one or two weddings each weekend and although I enjoy it, live music photography is my passion. I've learnt so much though - and I've only been doing the weddings for just over a month!

I'm moving away in September to study Physics at University and I think one thing I'm looking forward to most is having more gigs! Up here, there are very few bands and very few gigs.. I have to travel 2 hours (by car - it's 4 hours by train :() to the nearest city. But I'm moving to what I'd say is the 'music capital' of Scotland, and you can be sure I'll try my hardest to shoot as many gigs as possible! :D

I'm here to learn from you guys (I've seen a few of the members' sites - it's kinda intimidating ;)) and have fun! Hopefully bring something fresh to the community. :)

Welcome, Megan!

You must be our youngest member.

No need to be embarrassed of your equipment, you can do much with one fast prime (and a camrea). I've done a lot of club gigs where I used almost solely my 35 mm lens (you might want to get a USM lens to get faster and more accurate focus, though).

Hi All,

My name is Rob, and yes, yet another POTN forum guy. Can't say i'll move, but i'll definately be lurking around here too :D

I am 24yrs old, and have been shooting for some time.
My day job is my business which is web design, graphic design, and of course, photography.
I shoot alot of product photography for use in advertising and things. Unfortunately it is generally straight up and down type photography (on white BG, ends up CMYK for print :D), but i shoot a little fashion and events and things too.

I have shot alot of theatre in the past, and have recently sent a bunch of folios out to try and pick up some more live entertainment work, as I love music. Used to play as a teen and all, but not any more.

There aren't too many images in this thread, so i figured i would add one to say hello. It is a self portrait.

Hope to see you all around.


Robert Bell (Rob)
Shooting for the love, but hoping to still eat next week ;)

Hello all. I am a part-time music photographer in Baltimore, Maryland - USA. I have been shooting professionally for about 4 years, have been published, and am currently working with several local bands to produce band portraits and to boost their image portfolios on their web sites. I learned of this forum from an article in the MusicPressReport.com newsletter. I look forward to getting critiques of my own work, offering feedback for others, and participating in the discussions. I am a member of the Editorial Photographers organization.

Founder, MusicPhotographers.net
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Hello, my name is Bill and I live in Louisville, KY. a friend that's a freelance writer turned me on to this site.

I got into photography because i also go to a lot of car races and i liked capturing the color and speed on film. i started shooting concerts about 4 years ago as something to do when it wasn't racing season.

I have a website with my photo galleries


Please stop by my site and view my images. I will be posting here as my time permits.

Bill Bench

Hi Guys I'm Stefan from switzerland. I got into the gig thing when working as a bouncer at a club. My boss asked me if I could get some shots with that d70 I got for graduating. After a while they decided to make me into a staff photographer. I moved on to a larger venue after about a year. From there on I moved to doing some work for a local paper. A lot has happened since then as I had to learn the tricks of the trade in a high pressure environment. Currently I am still working for a club, a newspaper, some bands, an openair, some clients that are way far away from the musik business and the newest addition is a facility management company. I have one exebition pretty much ready (need to hang the images this month) which will be permanent and two more coming up in september and oktober. I am thinking about taking the step into living off of my pictures (working as a cycle messenger for a day or two a week right now). Gear is all nikon. got the link from Walter. Cheers

Stefan Schaufelberger

rockstarimages wrote:
Portfolio is online. I am thinking about taking the step into living off of my pictures (working as a cycle messenger for a day or two a week right now). Gear is all nikon. got the link from Walter. Cheers

Wow! You have some really cool pictures there. Welcome aboard!

thank you. glad to be here :)

Stefan Schaufelberger

I am Christine, a 25 year old French student in "rhethoric of arts", and I am also an amateur photographer. I shoot a lot of concerts, being a musician myself, I like to put music in images a lot. I also shoot a lot of other subjects, I love empty spaces, art deco/bahaus style and I try to have my photos look like those styles, maybe I'm not successful in it hehe but I'm trying.
I own a Canon 350D , two sigma lenses : 18-55 mm + 55-200 mm and a canon 50mm 1,8
I'm using Lightroom (I'm newly taking photos in raw format) and Photoshop CS2
Here are my online galleries : www.aleph3.deviantart.com and www.thegrasswasgreener.deviantart.com

Beside photography I always have tons of things to do as I am interested in many things (too many maybe :D ) : I am a bass player, I'd love to become a proffessionnal bass player, I love music (metal, progressive, fusion jazz and west coast are my fav styles ... I listen to any type of music), I love design and fine arts, I love architecture, nature, walks, pizza, beer and et caetera ...

I've been invited here by Askar :) and I'm glad he told me about this place, it looks great!
nice to meet you :)

Hello. My name is Tomi and I'm an alcoholic... Sorry, wrong meeting...

Newbie here. Can't believe I only found out about this forum, even though I've been to Kalle's pages pretty often. Guess I haven't been paying enough attention...

So, I'm a Finnish photographer, been doing live shots since 1989 I guess, well way before I turned 18 anyways, but been more serious about it since '97 or something along those lines. I've done work for a couple of magazines, bands, record companies and festivals, etc.

I really haven't got a decent portfolio site at the moment, but there's some old stuff here: http://www.rockmusica.net/Galleria/ (just click a year and there you'll find some links to photos of that year. the site is in Finnish and it's pretty much based around the stories behind the pics, sorry that most of you guys won't understand what I'm saying there...)

If you guys have myspace, go ahead and check my pics here: http://www.myspace.com/patonki
I know they seem to mess the photos up quite a lot, but there's plenty of new stuff there that's not on the aforementioned rockmusica gallery.

Oh, at the moment I have Canon 5D and some rather crappy lenses. Would like to get some cool objectives, but I'm quite poor, so I guess I'll have to do with the ones I have for a while.

Talk to you soon.


Hey everyone,

I'm from Ottawa, Canada. 23 years old, married. I love local music. I grew up on grunge music of the 90's, a lot of California style skate punk too, Lagwagon, NOFX, etc. Lately I've changed though, I mostly listen to melodic indie type stuff now, Teagan and Sara, Fiest, City and Colour.

I strive to create images that haven't been seen a thousand times before and sometimes that takes me off course. That is okay though because I shoot mainly for myself. I've sold a few prints but I have no desire to make money with this.

To be honest I started shooting concerts as an excuse to go to shows by myself.

I bought my first DSLR, Rebel XT, in Aug 06. Used a 50mm 1.8 mostly until recently when I bought a 35mm 1.4.

Hope to see everyone around the forum, I plan on being a regular. I came over from POTN but I've never really been that active there.


Canon 20D, 350D, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 430 EX and 580EX flash.


My name is Kalle. I'm 20 years old boy from Finland. From same town as other the Kalle here actually:) Right now I'm making my living doing whatever job I can get. Photography is mainly hobby for me but I make occassional freelance gigs too.

I have four passions in my life. First and the oldest one is Snowboading but I'm not too god at it. So about five years ago I started photographing my friends who were better snowboarders:) So I started my second passion photagraphy. My third passion is music and about year ago I decided to take my camera whith me to some gig. After that it has been whith me almost every gig i have been. My fourth passion is my girlfriend, but she doesn't like too much to be in front of the camera and she hates cold weather so I'm having litle problem combining her whith my other passions :D

Right now I have in my camera bag Canon eos 10D and eos 5(film) bodies, Tamron 28-75 f2.8 Sigma 70-210 f2.8 and Canon 50 f1.8 lenses. But I think that in the spring I'm going to chance to Nikon if I just can save enough money to by D3 and some lenses. buying those is going to totally destroy buget but I hope its goin to be worth it.

As I said in the beginning, photgraphy is mainly hobby for me, but of course I enjoy taking good looking photos and I always try to get something new out of the subject although it's very challenging in both music- and snowboarding photos. Maybe in the future I will take it to next level and try to get at least some money from my photos, but that step is still far away.

I don't have my own portfolio site right now(Working on it) But my photos can be found at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jokzu quality ain't the best, but I promise to get my Portfolio online soon as posible.

Hmm... and what else? jeah! Don't want to forget this. Big thanks to Kalle B. For this site and also for giving me a chance to shoot in Lutakko at the Disco Ensemble gig.