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TicketMaster-LiveNation Merger

Has anyone been following the TicketMaster-LiveNation merger? I hadn't been following it, but saw a link about it over on the Music Press Report. The link was to an article about RollingStone.com being too lazy to have their own journalist watch the congressional hearings so they rewrote a Chicago Sun-Times article instead. At the bottom of the page are links to many more articles on the merger.

What do you all think of this merger? What impact will it have to ticket prices, press access and control?

Walter Rowe - www.WalterRowePhotography.com

it just further solidifies Ticket-Monster's monopoly on the industry. If you want to buy ticket to a show, you pretty much don't have many options anymore. Even venues are moving away from selling tickets on site in favor of Ticket-Monster. Bad bad bad for the fans. "Convenience Fees"? Give me a break, they are Extortion Fees. It's not very convenient for the fans who have to pay them, that's for sure.


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