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Introduce yourself!

Hello all,

Please introduce yourself.

Hey everyone

Glad to be here, and looking forward to getting to know you.  :)

Russ Robinson

Commercial Band Photographer


Thanks. I got those not long after getting my D700, but the bests hots ended up being taken on my D90 - which I'd brought along as a spare.

Hi Bec, on your website I get a page not found when I click on the gallery link (http://www.becreid.com/gallery)

Greetings all! A fellow photographer told me about this site. Glad to be here. 

here's my website if you want to take a look-  http://electriceyesphotography.blogspot.com/


Hey baddstuff. What a delight to see some jazz!

Walter Rowe, Founder

ha ha, thank you Walter. I spend a lot of time at Iridium Jazz Club so I get to photograph a lot of the jazz acts that come thru there. I actually shoot for a blues website but I love other types of music as well. Jazz is timeless

Hi, my name is Richie, from London

Been doing live music photography for more than 2 years. I currently have a Canon 50D though likely to opt for a much better camera soon

I don't have a website, just two flickr accounts, so I can seperate my other interests in photography from live music photography