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Do Publications Pay for Concert Images Any More?

I've been taking live concert photographs for the past year and half. During that time I've been sending out emails to publications trying to get some new gigs. When someone does respond back they usually say, 'Before we proceed further, let me put forth that we cannot provide any compensation for your work. Are you still interested?'

I suppose it's good that they are being upfront but after getting numerous responses like this I ask, Does any publication pay any more?
And if so, who?


There are paying publications, but breaking into them can be difficult. They normally have a roster of go-to photographers they use. Rolling Stone, Guitar Magazine (and their family of publications), etc. Also reach out to the record labels, artists, venues, etc. Some people get paid to shoot for venues as the "in-house" photographer. It won't be much, but it is better than nothing.

Walter Rowe, Founder