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Introduce yourself!

Hello all,

Please introduce yourself.

Hey everyone

Glad to be here, and looking forward to getting to know you.  :)

Russ Robinson

Commercial Band Photographer


Thanks. I got those not long after getting my D700, but the bests hots ended up being taken on my D90 - which I'd brought along as a spare.

Hi Bec, on your website I get a page not found when I click on the gallery link (http://www.becreid.com/gallery)

Greetings all! A fellow photographer told me about this site. Glad to be here. 

here's my website if you want to take a look-  http://electriceyesphotography.blogspot.com/


Hey baddstuff. What a delight to see some jazz!

Walter Rowe, Founder

ha ha, thank you Walter. I spend a lot of time at Iridium Jazz Club so I get to photograph a lot of the jazz acts that come thru there. I actually shoot for a blues website but I love other types of music as well. Jazz is timeless

Hi, my name is Richie, from London

Been doing live music photography for more than 2 years. I currently have a Canon 50D though likely to opt for a much better camera soon

I don't have a website, just two flickr accounts, so I can seperate my other interests in photography from live music photography

Hi everyone! Glad to find this site! Looks like some important information is being discussed here about how to keep your photos from becoming 'public domain' photography, and I could use all the info I can find!

Let me tell you about myself, My name is Allen and I picked up my first camera when i was 14. It was a german Illoca Rangefinder - completely manual! Exposure was always done with a light meter, and trial and error! In High School I decided to give becoming a pro a try, and found myself shooting at San Diego and Los Angeles venues that held bikini contests. I was making very little if anything for the venue shots, but I was doing lots of portfolio and fashion shots for the girls that did these bikini shows. Somewhere in the mid 90's my life took a hard hit and all my photography was destroyed... every camera, lens, light, print, and negative was ruined when I broke up with a girl with drug problems. She was looking to hurt me so she tossed everything into the ocean!

For years I never touched another camera. I got a regular job and moved away from everyone I knew. 20 years later I found myself in a unique situation... I had a new Nikon camera and tickets to Country Thunder in Phoenix, AZ. I had no media credentials, no back stage pass, no signed contract and no chance in hell of getting camera gear in through the main gates. I was however watching twitter, facebook, and instagram looking for any possible way to #TweetMyWayIn... and I did! It just so happened that Nikon saw one of my tweets about buying a brand new camera for the show, and an all access wristband ended up on my wrist! Nowdays I find myself here in Nashville, TN trying to get back into the music photography industry in a city where only the best of the best will make it, but I press on with my quest! My twitter followers read like and industry who's who, and I'm starting to get noticed by the right people. I actually met Scott Borchetta of Big Machine when Cassadee Pope was autographing a 36x24 print I made of her.


Allen McMurtrie Photography

Nashville - Worldwide