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Commercial Price Quote

I got the biggest out of the blue email of my life this morning

A Bandmerch.com license rep contacted me seeking a quote to shoot Rihanna backstage before & after the show in a studio type styled setup + cover her live show

The shots will go towards a 2010 calendar and possibly a poster

This is way over my head, I have tried asking what license they'll be seeking, if I'll require a stylist etc for the backstage shots, my access for the live show (may need to hire a lens if shooting from mixing desk), if other photogs are contributing to this calendar etc

I've got no idea what an ideal quote would be for this sort of job....never done anything remotely close to this, keeping in mind that I'd love to shoot it, but don't want to give them a steal as they are selling these calendars for $25/ea & will no doubt sell a fair few

I recommend getting a copy of fotoQuote. You need to know some idea of quantity, size, regions of distribution, etc. I think lots of this information will be required by fotoQuote in order to produce a number. You can also plug in numbers on several stock sites as if you were a buyer and see what numbers they give. Don't use a site too large like Getty as their prices tend to me too low because they can make it up in volume.

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damn double post

I had a bunch of questions sent to them in regards to the shoot, they got back to me the following day saying they got another photog....so I assume they sent the same email to a bunch of other togs & took the first person to give them what they consider to be a 'steal' price

Would have been good to do the show, but I would have charged a fair amount due to the fact they were going to make $$$$ off my shots