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What Shows / Bands Are You Shooting?

What bands or concerts are on your shooting schedule? Are you shooting a live performance, band promo shots, or an editorial job? I have some local band promo jobs I'm currently negotiating.

Walter Rowe Photography
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Pretty dead for me at the moment
Covering a local show on the weekend - Kate Miller Heidke
Trying to convince a radio station to start covering shows they promote - no luck as of yet
Denied for Snow Patrol last night, no agency photographers :( (a response that is becoming more & more frequent)

Nothing that really interests me until Jan-Feb 09 - Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Lacuna Coil, All That Remains, Unearth, Bloodhound Gang, Alice In Chains, In Flames, Underoath, Every Time I Die, Funeral For A Friend, Hellogoodbye, 36 Crazyfists etc

ps all live - management have all refused for the bands I've tried contacting


Just doing a few locals here and there. And then, Saturday I got a last-minute call for Candlebox!
We've got a new local music mag in town that I've hooked up with, and the owner/editor (who is himself a local musician) had arranged an interview for the mag and a couple passes. No limits, no contract! It was a very small venue, sold out at maybe 400 ppl.
His interview (and my photos) will appear in the December issue of the mag later this month.

Still working on some from the band Stillfire and talking to some other local bands.

Don Olson

For the NY concert photographers on this board who have not been to the Mercury Lounge in NYC, you don't know what you are missing. No camera policy (unless band requests otherwise), and the lighting is WONDERFUL!
I had a blast shooting Danko Jones... Check out the pix on my website: www.rockstarpix.com
Any feedback is appreciated.


dalila kriheli

..... The Eagles of Death Metal.... great show, photos up on the website. Next up is Susan Tedeschi on the 15th, and maybe (waiting on approval) Tom Jones (yes, THAT Tom Jones!). I'm still debating on whether to apply for Coachella credentials or not..... looks to be a good lineup so far.

Daniel Knighton


Daniel Knighton, PIxel Perfect Images

(858) 335-4540 cell



I have just received a photo pass for one of the biggest events in Australia - Soundwave in Sydney which has in excess of sixty bands on the roster. No doubt I'll lose some weight as they are spread out over six seperate stages. Anyone ever done something similar - I am wondering how to catalogue my shots in the camera and how the hell I can be in six places at once?

Things are starting to pick up. In the next month, my concert schedule has Annuals w/ Jessica Lea Mayfield, Fujiya & Miyagi, Flogging Molly, Delta Spirit, Modest Mouse, Cut Copy w/ Matt & Kim and a handful of local shows. Then SXSW comes to town and, immediately afterward, I'll probably have the flu or whatever other epidemic gets unleashed upon us by the music industry gypsies. Also have some editorial shoots with Heartless Bastards, ...Trail of Dead and whatever else we line up with the magazine.