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Site Upgrade / Newsletters

MPN Site Upgrade

You may notice some changes to Music Photographers Network. We are in the process of upgrading the version of content management system that runs our site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. To acheive this we had to make a remove a few lesser used features that are not Drupal 7 compliant. We may make further enhancements to the site after we are finished with the Drupal 7 upgrade. We would like to provide a photo gallery for the site to let you showcase your work. It is undetermined at this point in time whether we will accomplish that via Drupal or by migrating the site to a completely different content management system. Stay tuned!

MPN Newsletters

We are also going to create a newsletter mailing list for Music Photographers Network from the user database. You will receive an e-mail message from

asking you to opt-in to begin receiving our newsletter. If you do not wish to receive our newsletters containing site announcements and industry news, you do not have to take any action. Simply ignoring the opt-in message will insure you do not receive future newsletters via e-mail. We hope you will opt-in by clicking the link provided in the message you receive so that we can distribute information to you as needed.

MPN Membership

We reached a milestone some weeks ago when we broke the 700 member mark. Please share our site link with aany music photographers you know. We have a lot of new concert photo pass releases we will be posting in the next week or so that have been piling up in our inbox including the current Rihanna 2011 North American Tour release which is quite egregious. You and your colleagues will want to see them.

I have restored the site forums and data to the point we had it a couple of weeks ago in order to insure all of our content is complete and that the forums have all the old content. I will need to add back the new attachments to the concert photo pass release forums, but this is a much better place to be.

Walter Rowe, Founder