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Vivian Campbell and Rick Allen of Def Leppard

I just posted pictures from an event at The Mint this past Saturday night. Rick Allen of Def Leppard and his wife Lauren Monroe performed with their amazing band. And Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard opened with an acoustic set. Enjoy!


Warren Haynes Christmas Jam 2008 Photos

Site News: 

Happy Holidays everybody! This is my first blog post for Performance Impressions!

Got a large gallery with 120+ photographs from the 20th anniversary of the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam.

The benefit concert(s) donates all profits to Habitat for Humanity.

Enjoy the gallery: http://www.performanceimpressions.com/Warren_Haynes_Xmas_Jam_Photos_2008/

Adobe Announces Release of Lightroom 2.2

Proving the rumors true, today Adobe announced the release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.2.

This free upgrade for Lightroom 2.x users has been hotly anticipated due to Lightroom 2.1's lack of support for the Canon RAW (.CR2) files of the immensely popular Canon 5D Mark II and a handful of other new cameras.

Summary of updates & fixes, and download links after the jump!

A summary of updates with Lightroom 2.2:

Elmer Valentine, Owner of Rock Clubs, Dies at 85

Elmer Valentine owned the Whisky à Go Go, Rainbow Bar & Grill, and Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, CA, starting in the 1960's. The Whisky was legendary for the acts it attracted: The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, The Birds, The Kinks, The Who, Johnny Rivers, B.B.

Doug Menuez - Survival as a Freelancer

This is the opening paragraph from an EP article and interview with Doug Menuez.

To survive the creative, economic and emotional chaos of a life in photography your career must be designed for longevity. To achieve longevity, you must reconcile the conflict between what you shoot for money and what you love to shoot. Ideally, you get paid to shoot exactly what you love to shoot, every day. Reaching this nirvana requires making tough choices, a careful business strategy and attention to basic business practices. (Or be super talented/lucky, born wealthy or marry a brilliant business manager.

Leica S2 Announced

Here is an interesting announcement from the oldest 35mm camera maker in the world. Leica has announced a 30mmx45mm sensor digital SLR called the Leica S2 that will record a whopping 37MB digital image in Adobe's DNG raw file format. The Leica S system will include nine lenses, some with leaf shutters in the lens for very high speed flash sync. Note that the 30mmx45mm sensor is a 3:2 aspect ratio like existing 35mm digital SLR systems.

Canon 50D & Nikon D90

This week Canon and Nikon announced new camera bodies. Canon announced the Canon 50D featuring a 15.1MP high density CMOS sensor and Canon's exclusive DIGIC 4 image processing technology. Nikon announced the Nikon D90 featuring a 12.3MP high density CMOS sensor and Nikon's exclusive EXPEED image processing technology.

How many of you are?

I am member of a Union representing photographers
4% (2 votes)
I am a member of a professional photographers association
35% (18 votes)
I am a member of both
4% (2 votes)
I am thinking about joining one or both
31% (16 votes)
I am a hobbyist so I have no need to join either
14% (7 votes)
I have no interest in joining either
12% (6 votes)
Total votes: 51

Adobe Camera Raw 4.5

Adobe released a new version of the Camera Raw plug-in that replaces the previous release that was installed with your Adobe product. The following products are eligible to use the new Camera Raw plug-in:

  • Adobe® Creative Suite® 3
  • Photoshop® CS3
  • Photoshop Elements 6.0
  • Adobe Premiere® Elements 4.0 [ Windows only ]

You can use Adobe Updater via Help > Updates to download the update, or click one of the following links to download the update directly from Adobe's website.

Preventing Hotlinks

Guides & Tutorials: 

I wrote an article on my photography website explaining how to use the .htaccess file to prevent hotlinks to your valuable images. Check out the article "Prevent Hotlinks To Your Images".

Lawrence Lessig's NYTimes Op-Ed on Orphan Works

Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University Law Professor and author of the Creative Commons License, has an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times opposing the Orphan Works bills currently before Congress. The piece, called "Little Orphan Artworks", is well worth reading. He discusses why the Orphan Works bills currently before Congress should be stopped and what alternatives might satisfy the needs they are trying to address.

Oppose the Orphan Works Bill

Let your congressional senators and representatives know that you oppose the Orphan Works bill. Use this link to send them a letter. The web page automatically determines your members of congress and e-mails them based on the info that you provide. For an excellent, comprehensive explanation of how this bill affects you as a creator of visual art (photographer) ...

2008 Music Press Directory

Every year the Music Press Report publishes an annual Music Press Directory containing a listing of music writers and photographers, their contact information, location, and specialties. It is time to submit your information for the 2008 directory, or update it if you have been listed in previous editions.