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Getty Images Sold For $2.4 Billion

As recently as a three weeks ago, on the Q4 earnings investor call, Getty Images (Public, NYSE:GYI) CEO Jonathan Klein said "I would stress that at no point has Getty Images talked about a sale. We have talked about strategic alternatives." You can read a live blog of that call with investors written by Daryl Lang over on Photo District News.

Copyright Protection

Digital Photography Workflow: From Camera To Catalog

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I developed my digital photography workflow after reading Peter Krogh's book "The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers". DAM is a critical and integral part of running my photography business, and it starts at the very beginning of the raw post processing workflow. This article shows my complete workflow from camera to catalog.

Do you register your images with your country's Copyright office?

10% (4 votes)
When the images are important
10% (4 votes)
5% (2 votes)
Never, but I plan to soon
36% (15 votes)
40% (17 votes)
Total votes: 42
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A Photo Editor Interviews Jodi Peckman, Rolling Stone

Rob Haggart, aka A Photo Editor, posts a nice interview with Jodi Peckman, Director of Photography for Rolling Stone magazine. The last few questions are of particular interest to me as a music photographer. Go check it out!

10 Questions for Jodi Peckman - Director of Photography, Rolling Stone Magazine

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Harlan Ellison - "Pay the Writer" - A MUST view!

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Here is a memorable rant from writer Harlan Ellison about getting paid! Although Harlan is a writer, this clip is fully applicable to photographers and creators of all types. Whether your are a freetographer or an established, full rate professional, this is a MUST view!


Jeff Sedlik on The Value of Photography

Jeff Sedlik, co-founder of PLUS and world renowned music photographer, discusses the value of photography in this January 2006 Rangefinder Magazine article. Every photographer should give it a read, and then they should do a Google search on Jeff Sedlik. He is considered the premiere jazz photographer.

Music Photographer's Glossary

In many industries, there is a colloquial dialect that outsiders and people new to that industry may not be familiar with.

Music photography is no exception ;)

Here are some terms you may hear in our community...

The Music Photographer's Glossary

  • Freetographer: A term coined by Will Hawkins in 2005. This is a pretty straight forward term - Free-Photographer. They may be found at the highway exit ramp closest to the venue holding a cardboard sign - "Will shoot for passes"

Copyright Protection: Part 5 - Copyright Resources

You may find these additional resources of benefit in protecting and defending your rights as a copyright owner.

Getting the Pass: Venue vs. Publicity vs. Band

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Commonly, the question of "Do I go through the venue, the band, or through publicity?" comes up. In this entry I will discuss the most feasible & common methods.

Common methods of getting the pass:

- Pre-approval through publicity

- Request through management

- Petitioning a band member; Band member requesting on your behalf

- Petitioning the tour manager

- Petitioning the venue

Pre-approval through publicity:

** This is the most common, feasible, reliable, and appropriate method **

DMCA Tutorial


This DMCA tutorial is a guide on how to utilize the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to get unauthorized uses of your images taken down from web sites.
What Is The DMCA?

It is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
What Is It Good For?

Capturing in RAW vs JPG

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This article explores the difference between capturing digital photographs in camera native raw format and JPG format. Digital SLR cameras capture 12-bits of data per pixel. Some of the newer, high-end digital SLR cameras now capture 14-bits of data per pixel. This is a tremendous amount of granularity to capture at each sensor location (pixel) - 4,096 tonal values for 12-bit cameras, and 16,384 tonal values for 14-bit cameras.