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Noted Photographers


This page contains links to the web sites or porfolios of legendary music photographers. These sites are packed with terrific photographs, knowledge from years of experience, and nuggets of wisdom you cannot get anywhere else.

  • UPDATE 3: Added Robert John, a 25+ year veteran and new member of our community. Welcome Robert John!
  • UPDATE 2: Added half a dozen more photographers. Credits go to Daniel Bedford and Jon Sievert for these.
  • UPDATE 1: Added more than a dozen photographers. Credit goes to Lyle A. Waisman for providing these additions.

If you would like to see a link here to any specific music photographer, contact Walter or Will. Here's the current list:

North America




Great music photography began with photographers who shot jazz. If you want to learn from the masters, you must put Herman Leonard (www.hermanleonard.com), William Claxton (www.williamclaxton.com) and William Gottlieb (www.jazzphotos.com) at the top of your list. Now 85, Leonard is still a working photographer.

Jon Sievert

Thanks Jon. I have added them to the list.

I was reading up on Herman Leonard just recently. His career is really interesting. There was no industry of "music photography" at that time. He was perhaps the first. He captured some really iconic images of musicians both on and off the stage. Read his biography on his website and check out his images. You will be well rewarded. William Gottlieb's career was equally interesting in that he only shot for a little over a decade, during "The Golden Age of Jazz" as goes the title of his picture book.

Our current list is sorted alphabetically by first name. Is there another recommended way for sorting or organizing these lists of great music photographers?

Walter Rowe - Rowe Images
Professional Photographer
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Founder, MusicPhotographers.net
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Some aussie photographers that have inspired me & are definitely worthy of a mention

Matt Booy - TripleJ Radio - Rock Photographer - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattbooy/
Tony Mott - Australia's most successful Rock Photographer - www.tonymott.com
Kristian Downling - Getty Images AU - www.kristiandownling.com
Bob King - Unfortunately none of his work can be found online - has quite the library & stories, he's been shooting for around 40years
David Youdell - Headpress - www.livemusicphotographer.net


Sorry, also forgot to mention Danny Clinch (www.dannyclinch.com), one of today's most successful and inventive music business photographers who has expanded his work to video. As for your question, I would prefer to see the photographers listed alphabetically by last name.


All of the above have been added, as well as Lynn Goldsmith.

Walter Rowe - Rowe Images
Professional Photographer
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Founder, MusicPhotographers.net
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Having read his book recently, I'd like to nominate Dave Hogan

I'd add French photographer Guy Le Querrec of the legendary Magnum agency to this list!