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RAW conversion Challenge (Cross post from POTN)

Okay, I'll go first. ;) I found with my limited post skills that the color cast was very difficult to deal with. So my cop out version is in B&W. I used ACR since I shoot Nikon gear. I don't like ACR at all but that's just my preference. Anyways, I duped the background and converted to B&W with Alien Skin's Exposure program which I absolutely love! Cropped and adjusted the levels slightly and that was about it.

Might be usefull to give a short discripion of workflow and software used though ;)
How did you convert to B&W for example?
What Raw converter?
(Local) Levels/curves?

Well here is my 3minute attempt.

Custom WB
Noise Reduction

Probably won't like it in 30mins :D


Robert Bell (Rob)
Shooting for the love, but hoping to still eat next week ;)

I like Bryon's crop better...


Robert Bell (Rob)
Shooting for the love, but hoping to still eat next week ;)

Actually... i like his pic better :D


Robert Bell (Rob)
Shooting for the love, but hoping to still eat next week ;)

Haven't had time for this, but if any of you guys have more, I'd like to hear what sort of experience Bibble would be: http://www.bibblelabs.com/ (evaluation version downloadable)

I've always kinda liked Bibble, but it's hard for me at least to learn properly. Haven't bought it, just evaluated every now and then the newest version.

Still no time: Over my ears in (payed) work: Looks like week #30 will be my first days off :(

Had a few minutes to spare, so gave it a try myself:

Conversion in DPP.
Converted twice: Once at 0, once at +0.5 EC for the face.
Color temperature: 4900K, Color Tone +1; Contrast and saturation: 0; Sharpness 3; Shadow slider (on the curve) around -4. No NR.
Additional conversion thru ACR to recover some blown highlights.

Sandwiched files in PS, masked the face to lighten, additional curves adjustment layer to do the same. Masked the highlights to darken them. Added a bit of vignetting.
Masking was done using the mothod described in this [URL=http://"http://www.thelightsrightstudio.com/videos/BlendedExposures.mov"]Quicktime tutorial[/URL].

Cropped. Copied, converted to Lab. Copy pasted the L channel on the original. Blending mode Soft Light, opacity 90%, to add some 'punch'.
Total time: 10 minutes in PS, from open to save. That is with 16bpc tiff files, which doesn't exactely speed up my G4 ;)
I usually start off with 8bpc jpg files.

Might have another look at it, and give Bryon's crop a try. I don't like the feet being blocked by the stage in mine...

Wow, that is quite good Rene. I need to invest much more time in my Photoshop skills. One reason I haven't is I need a much faster computer. When things take forever, I tend not to want to do them. ;)

I'll play! Here is my attempt. I used Photoshop CS3 Extended with ACR 4.1. Here is the JPG.

ACR wants to make it blue ...

XMP sidecar file

I played with the Hue/Saturation/Luminance panel to try and make it more purple.

XMP sidecar file

Skin tone gets hammered in either scenario.

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Columbia, Maryland - USA

Redid the processing (without peeking), and came up with a bit different result.


Same workflow as before, bit different WB to get better skin tones.