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Selecting Monobloc Lights (from Strobist's David Hobby)

Strobist editor and ace lighting guru David Hobby has written the first in what will be a series of blog posts detailing his personal experience in selecting a new set of monobloc lights. Read the first installment titled "Mono Monday: Choosing the Right Big Lights" over on strobist.blogspot.com and keep looking back there every Monday for the next article in the series.

As an adjunct to David's articles, I would also like to hear your personal experience in selecting "big lights". I too am in the process of selecting lighting. I'd like to hear what criteria you used, what brands and models you have personal experience using, and what pros and cons you can offer based on your personal experiences. Include information regarding available modifiers and accessories, consistency, control, reliability, durablilty, quality of light, etc.

I look forward to reading David's articles, the reponses to those articles, and to your responses here. Post comments to this blog entry. Let's hear what advice and experience you can offer others in selecting "big lights".

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