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Photography Pranks and Hi-Jinks: PocketWizard Mischief

What kind of industry would this be if we didn't get to fool around once in a while??
With April Fool's Day just around the corner, I'd like to share some exploits, and hear about ones you have been a part of!

I haven't put any major pranks together, but I have learned that PocketWizard's are an excellent way to control your flashes remotely... and then some.
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In a recent multi-photographer (multi = 29 photographers!) shoot with Nick Haskin's LUMU, we ran into an issue that is not one I frequently encounter - PocketWizard cross-communication! If 18 of the photographers brought between 2 and 4 Pocket Wizard Plus II's, which have just 4 communication channels to choose from, how many photographers would be cross-communicating (read: triggering!) with their PW's? Answer: Too darn many!

This was a predictable situation that did not surprise most of us, but did get me thinking about what situations this may NOT be expected in. This was the beginning of a trail of thoughts and situations that lead me to a little bit of mischief!

Recently, I have found myself in a few situations where I could either benefit by utilizing the light triggered by PW's, or could benefit from the entertainment of surprising someone with a "flash gone haywire."

I am not going to tell any stories (or admit to anything!). But I am going to list a few situations that I may have been confronted with. ;)

  • Pro sports arenas: Somehow, I never really noticed the quick flicker of the ceiling mounted strobes at my local NHL arena - until I picked up a couple of PW's. Can anybody say Channel 3 & the photos came out great???
  • Performing Arts center in the LA area: I won't mention which one, but in a recent trip out that way, there was stage-flooding cross-aimed PW controlled strobe fury on Channel 1!
  • A stroll in the mall: This one is too obvious. Just don't do it when a client is in there! Closing time is great for a little bit of fun with the staff!
  • Wedding: Well, I would never attempt to interrupt a wedding photographer at-work. But geez, how long can that photographer chimp for? Sometimes it is a good idea to bring your 200mm to the resort!

I haven't caused any real trouble, but I may have played with some opportunities!

Has anyone else been up to any photo-hijinks? Have you ever pulled a prank involving photography?

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