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Adobe Announces Release of Lightroom 2.2

Proving the rumors true, today Adobe announced the release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.2.

This free upgrade for Lightroom 2.x users has been hotly anticipated due to Lightroom 2.1's lack of support for the Canon RAW (.CR2) files of the immensely popular Canon 5D Mark II and a handful of other new cameras.

Summary of updates & fixes, and download links after the jump!

A summary of updates with Lightroom 2.2:

Forced to take a photo: Can turning down a shoot be considered discrimination?

While it is highly unlikely you will ever encounter legal trouble for turning down a shoot, consider this: If you are hired to shoot a client whom you determine you want nothing to do with, then turn down the shoot, could you be taken to court? In New Mexico, this has been proven to be an actual risk.

Fun blog to check out: PhotoshopDisasters


PhotoshopDisasters is an entertaining and even educational blog that points out both unique & common problems and mistakes with Photoshop in published media - some obvious, some not-so-obvious. If you're browsing the web looking for something fun to look at, check the link!

Link: PhotoshopDisasters

Photography Pranks and Hi-Jinks: PocketWizard Mischief

Guides & Tutorials: 

What kind of industry would this be if we didn't get to fool around once in a while??
With April Fool's Day just around the corner, I'd like to share some exploits, and hear about ones you have been a part of!

I haven't put any major pranks together, but I have learned that PocketWizard's are an excellent way to control your flashes remotely... and then some.
More after the jump.

Happy Anniversary!

Site News: 

Happy 7 day anniversary to www.MusicPhotographers.net !

Although Walter and I began working on this site months ago, the public unveiling was one week ago yesterday.
With your help, this site will become the top forum, blog, tutorial, and community resource for photographers in the music arena!

Some stats: At this very moment, we have 185 registered users! In the past 7 days, we have received 12,274 page views and 1,163 visitors!!

Getting the Pass: Venue vs. Publicity vs. Band

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Commonly, the question of "Do I go through the venue, the band, or through publicity?" comes up. In this entry I will discuss the most feasible & common methods.

Common methods of getting the pass:

- Pre-approval through publicity

- Request through management

- Petitioning a band member; Band member requesting on your behalf

- Petitioning the tour manager

- Petitioning the venue

Pre-approval through publicity:

** This is the most common, feasible, reliable, and appropriate method **