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Don't Support Getty Images


Getty Images continues the race to the bottom with the price point for their own vault of imagery. They say it is intended for "the value driven customer". There is no such thing as a value-driven customer using their philosophy. It should be called the "value-less driven customer" who would prefer to pay absolutely nothing if at all possible.


Elton John Photos

Site News: 

Elton John performed at the Asheville Civic Center on November 16, 2010 on The Union 2010 World Tour.  This was an incredible performance and production!

Photos from this show are now up at Performance Impressions' Concert Photography Archives - Elton John Photos

Here are a few photos of Elton John from his recent performance in Asheville, NC:




I'm curious if anyone here is represented by Retna, if so I'd like to hear your opinions of what they are like.

Eg things like:

Do you get many sales through them?

Have you had any problems with them?

How do you find exclusive representation vs non-exclusive representation that some other photo agencies offer?

And anything else you can add about them.

Cheers, Richard

Getty Images Sold For $2.4 Billion

As recently as a three weeks ago, on the Q4 earnings investor call, Getty Images (Public, NYSE:GYI) CEO Jonathan Klein said "I would stress that at no point has Getty Images talked about a sale. We have talked about strategic alternatives." You can read a live blog of that call with investors written by Daryl Lang over on Photo District News.