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Cameras & Accessories

Gear For Sale.

For Sale or Trade:  Ok here is what I am getting rid of, from left to right,

1. Lowepro Harness w/belt

2. Lowepro Vest w/belt

3. Domke photovest (size small)

DPReview | New Sigma SD1 with Foveon X3 4800x3200 Full-Color Sensor

Sigma SD1DPReview.com has excerpts from an interview where Foveon and Sigma leads discuss the new 15MP x 3 sensor that was announced at Photikina 2010. This new sensor will be featured in the forthcoming Sigma SD1 that Sigma plans to release in the spring of 2011. The new sensor is 4800 x 3200 pixels times 3, one layer for each of the three RGB color channels.

Canon Develops World's Largest CMOS Sensor

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With a 202 x 205 mm (8 x 8 inch) sensor that can capture 60 fps with a mere 0.3 lux of light, could concert videography produce individual still frames so clean and large that there would be no need for traditional concert photography?

Leica S2 Announced

Here is an interesting announcement from the oldest 35mm camera maker in the world. Leica has announced a 30mmx45mm sensor digital SLR called the Leica S2 that will record a whopping 37MB digital image in Adobe's DNG raw file format. The Leica S system will include nine lenses, some with leaf shutters in the lens for very high speed flash sync. Note that the 30mmx45mm sensor is a 3:2 aspect ratio like existing 35mm digital SLR systems.

Canon 50D & Nikon D90

This week Canon and Nikon announced new camera bodies. Canon announced the Canon 50D featuring a 15.1MP high density CMOS sensor and Canon's exclusive DIGIC 4 image processing technology. Nikon announced the Nikon D90 featuring a 12.3MP high density CMOS sensor and Nikon's exclusive EXPEED image processing technology.

Canon 1Ds MKIII vs. Nikon D3

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Photographer, writer, businessman, and blogger John Harrington has posted an in-depth comparison of the 21.1 MP Full-Frame Canon 1Ds Mark III and the 12.1 MP Full-Frame Nikon D3 on his Photo Business News & Forum blog.

For you die-hard Canon fans out there (like me!) - there are a few surprise punches that the D3 packs! Read John's blog for the scoop.