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Marylin Manson at Jaahalli

This is not a request for criticism - I see perfectly in this case that I screwed up the gig. And screwed it bad. There were some pretty draconic rules in the pit - the photographers were offered to chose either from the right or the left side of the stage (I was on the left). Shooting from in front of the stage was not allowed. Also the warning that the lenses would be poked with some spike if one comes up close to the stage was somewhat intimidating. And not exactly a nice thing to hear for someone who was geared up with a wideangle. Of course I could try to switch to tele, but pictures were allowed to be taken first song only. So I decided not to mess with changing lenses - maybe that was the number 1 mistake I made.

So it would be cool if you guys gave some advice what I SHOULD have done to make those look better. Especially those who were at Jaahalli in the pit that night.




Those aren't bad technically. What are you unhappy about?

The "spike" is the knife he has at the end of the mic.

Do you think they were serious about poking lenses? I somewhat thought he was kidding like that... but it did make me feel uncomfortable and not loose in the end, having to mind that.

I don't like the parts of the face being washed out, bad framing and these shots are plainly boring.
Besides, I looked at some photos from that tour and in comparison to this, for instance...


Things vary a great deal between concerts, even the rules for shooting, so you can't directly compare photos from different gigs. Especially when movement is restircted, 1-song-rules are more or less a matter of luck (after a certain level of experience has been gained). Probably even the song(s) were different for the photographer who photographed the linked photo, meaning that the lighting may have been better (for us it was phtographically very challenging at moments - of course some moments were very good too) and if the songs were more energetic, there probably have been more photogenic moments.

Here are my photos: http://www.huumakuva.net/2007/12/21/marilyn-manson-kuvia-helsingin-jaahalli/

I'm quite happy with the first one...

JanaBlomqvist wrote:
Do you think they were serious about poking lenses? I somewhat thought he was kidding like that...

I didn't quite hear what the security guy was saying (I heard a second-hand version), but I thought that he meant that since there was a bit of flailing done with the knife-mic, it may have hit a camera or somebody's hand or whatever (since he was on his knees).

Kalle, the first one's a killer! Is it going anywhere?

What I heard about the blade firsthand was 'He has a knive on the mic so don't come close to the stage, or he'll smash your lenses.' Sounded to me as if he'd smash then on purpose. Cos of some general hate of photographers or something.

As a side note, in this photograph, you can see the effect created by focal plane shutter travelling. See how the flash from the audience does not extend to the top part of the photo? That's because there is a shutter curtain there at the moment when the flash is triggered. The shutter speed used was 1/500, so I guess there has to be a shutter curtain somewhere in the picture at all moments (see wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focal_plane_shutter)

Ah, the advantages of age and being the "House Photographer" ... if someone said to me that a performer might purposely "slash" me or my equipment I would simply pack up. I think your pictures are fine. You can ALWAYS find images of a performer that are better than what you took ... or at least I can and I think think mine are excellent. I really like #3.

Dwight McCann

I know this is reviving an old old thread, but the link that you gave was my shot in Brisbane. We had the exact same conditions in shooting (either left or right of the platform....not allowed to move part a certain point.)