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Introduce yourself!

Hello all,

Please introduce yourself.

Hello everybody,

Here is another newbie from Finland. Here we go!

Name: Mari Herrala
Year of birth: 1976
Place to live: Helsinki, Finland
Occupation: Graphic Designer and Freelancer Photographer

I took my very first polaroids in 1983. As a hobby I started photographing in the early 90’s. In that time I shoot my first concert photos. After having my first SRL camera in 1995, photographing became more serious hobby to me. My first freelancer job (Concert photos) for a Finnish magazine was in 2002. Nowadays I’m photographing mainly for rock events and bands. Sometimes doing freelance jobs for magazines and my “real work place” aka dayjob.

My Gear:
Canon 5D, Canon 300D, Canon 500 (Film) and too little amount of lenses and flashes :) + an old Polaroid camera & Lomography Oktomat

Only paper one at the moment, web one is coming up (whenever I have the time to do that)!


Post Scriptum
Introduce Yourself is a rather good album from Faith No More (rip)!


Any Lomo-concert-shots? :)

Kalle Björklid wrote:

Any Lomo-concert-shots? :)

Unfortunately no. Maybe next summer if there will be sunshine and open air gigs in my calender :)
Though some polaroid-concert-shots are found in my archive. Those were kind of "accidents".

Hey, I'm Anouk and René made me register over here. We're photographing both for Atak.

I'm only 19 years old, doing freelance editorial and photography and I've just started a part-time study in graphic design. I'm living at the other side of the country seen from René (living in Schiedam, close to Rotterdam), but my home town is still Enschede.

Oh, crap, and I'm in a hurry right now, so if there are any questions, just ask them. I'll answer later.

Welcome, Anouk.

Let us know if you have a portfolio or gallery on the web, and I hope you post images soon :)

Hmmm okay, I had an appointment with someone who is definitely late, and house is "clean" again, so here I am again... ;)

Busy with website again, so ATM I just have got a print portfolio. Only thing I've got online right now: www.thebeal.nl/20070825GP
(But that gallery will be changed tomorrow, some "double" pics will go out and some pics of bands of which there is too little in the gallery right now will be added...)

Hi there, I'm Lenny Warren, press tog working as a Senior Staff Photographer on newspapers in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I cover news, features and sport but do most of the gigs in Glasgow, which is an excellent music city. I run a few forums as well, being chairman and webmaster of the Scottish Press Photographers Association http://www.theSPPA.org as well as my own music forum, which has just started. (not trying to steal members, each forum is different and has much to offer...) You are all welcome to have a look...  Anyway, looking forward to chatting about gigs soon... Lenny Warren

Lenny Warren

No one new has posted in here for a while...anyhow, my name is Karen from Ontario Canada and I am fairly green at live photography.
I have had the chance to shoot a few shows this past summer and fall ,but my camera is not up to par. I am here to learn and go from there.
I have been reading through threads this past hour, trying to get an idea on which camera model will suit me best.
I also have a friend that shoots shows, he is guiding me in my journey as an amateur.

Off topic, I've noticed quite a few Finns in here, I visited Finland last year and loved it (my liver didn't).

I thought I might drop a line here as well, even though I did introduce myself briefly in my first concert photo entry.

I'm a 28 years old Finn, currently living in the eastern part of the country, Kuopio. I used to live in Jyväskylä, which is where I know Kalle B. originally from. I have owned a DSLR for a couple of years now, and I've done concert photography more or less as a hobby, also before I got my 20D (with a Sony V1...) I have toured with the Finnish band Korento as their photographer, and also taken some backstage shots from their studio recording sessions. I have also done some photography on film with my ancient Pentax Spotmatic, a great tool for learning some photography basics. My photos have been published in the press a few times, but these have not been concert photos.

My current gear includes a Canon 20D body, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5, and Tamron 28-75mm f2.8, plus a bunch of accessories and (old, manual) flashes. I sometimes get to use Canon 70-200mm f4.0 L as well. I hope to be able to get myself the f2.8 version some time in the future.

The most active venue in Kuopio (Henry's Pub) is a small club with a small stage, a bit tricky floor plan, and quite poor lighting - that is, quite a challenging environment for the photographer. So far I've only shot a few gigs there, most likely I'll be presenting some of the results here in the near future. Luckily enough we have other venues here as well, and the KuopioRock festival in the summer (not sure how I could get accredited there though :))

Janne Ulvinen wrote:
the KuopioRock festival in the summer (not sure how I could get accredited there though :))

Keep up the good work and I might be able to help you with that next summer ;)

Hey Kalle, hey everybody.

I am a newbie photographer, livng in Helsinki. I use Canon as gear.

Right now I am going through a self-teach course of trial and error, getting as many gigs as I can and practicing, practicing and practicing.

In the future the main goal is to move to promos, at least for the minor bands and free of charge.
I am also desperately looking for a position as a photographer's assistant in Helsinki - no matter what the subject of shooting would be. Once again, for good school.




I'm Erika from Baltimore, MD. I'm nowhere near a pro photographer, but I'd love to be one day. I'm 27 now and I've been doing this... I guess for about 5 years, but I took about 3 years of a break in there, and I only got my digital SLR (A Nikon D50) one year ago, so I guess all in all I'm pretty new. So far I've only got a kit lens and the f/1.8 which I haven't gotten to use yet. I'd like to get more lenses and lighting and such for promo shots one day.

I'm working on setting up a website but I don't have one yet. For now a lot of my stuff is at myspace.com/todiebyyourside

I'm just hoping to improve and take more photos so I can get my first published shot! (I've had tons that were supposed to be published but for whatever reason didn't end up out there, so I'll just keep on trying)!

Lets see..I've been taking pictures ever since I can remember. I'm 24 now. My dad officially got me my first when I was seven. Just a 35mm point and shoot. I ended up with about 10 at least. Everyone would get me new ones every year. I remember my dad got at least 20 rolls of film devoloped for me a month! I finally signed up for a photo class in high school. That's when my dad bought me a minolta SLR 35mm.

My camera ended up broken and digital came along. I got a $100 point and shoot maybe 1mp, hahaha!! My dad also bought...(now that I'm thinking...I probably owe him some money). That camera went through the rest of high school with me and then to local band practices/shows for a few years. Upgraded a bit to a kodak easyshare 3 MP?? I think it was or 2.5.

I should have kept using film, but I was pretty broke. So the kodak went with me everywhere to all the local shows. Finally last year it broke when I was in NC. I had taken a break from band shoots anyway because I had gotten married, got pregnant, etc. So upgrading sooner wasn't a big deal.

In NC I had a great job, extra money, and found a little Nikon. Bought it. And started doing new photos of my kids & the amazing landscapes of NC. Came back to FL. Couldn't find a job, worked for my dad for a little while, then lost my daycare. But despite being a stay at home mom I wanted more. More me time to do what I like and possibly make some money too.

I did a lot of brainstorming and managed to get a digital SLR, I call it my starter until I get more money. I'm networking with old friends in the music scene and things are moving pretty quickly. A lot faster than I had imagined. I'm trying to work up to the mainstream artists, but for now I'm perfecting everything with the new camera first. I'm also doing portraits for families, nature shots, pets, anything that will give me a new challenge or opportunity.

And well that's where I'm at now!! =)

Hello everyone. First I want to thank whom ever created this forum. I'v been a part of a couple forums that don't really know how to critique concert photos and what not. So its nice to see a forum like this.

My Name Is Nathan Stahly and I currently live in ohio. I'm 22 years old and got into photography when i was about 17 during my high school photography class. i quickly picked up on it and spent many hours in the dark room developing film. I went through every aspect of Film Photography and have a great respect for it. I currently shoot digital. I saved money up and did about 2 months of non stop research on the right camera(and we all know how the first pick went haha) and bought a Nikon D50. after that things began to sore. Started taking pictures of wild life, then moved to people,moved up to weddings and now im Currently a Music Photographer and I mostly take Live photos of concerts. I have not done any Band Promos due to the fact that i still need a little creativity on the thought process.
I started concert photography in January of 2007 and at the end of 2007 I had photographed over 100 bands.What a crazy year. I landed a House photographer job at the Worlds #4 club/concert venue for ticket sales over the age of 21. I have moved to only photographing weekends so my numbers are cut pretty good.I'm still working on getting a website going and I have not been published yet in a magazine which im hoping will be very very soon.

Well its almost 330am and have to go to bed. I will post a couple pictures to be critique'd.

Thanks again everyone and hope to chat soon
Nathan Stahly

My name is steph and Im from lower Michigan. I got into photogrphy about 2 years ago, my boyfriend Chad is a musician so that is what brought me into doing music photography; which I love! I have done a few shows and a few promoshoots. I use to have a Digital Canon XT and I have a alot of problems in low light even with a 50mm lens. So I just recently baught a Nikon D80 and it came a 18-150 mm lens, next week im going to buy a 50mm lens for my D80.
Besides doing band photography I love fine art, Urban, landscape, gothic, pin-up, Black & Whites, macro, pretty much all photography of all kinds.
I have also done a few weddings and portraits for others.

I will put some of the promos I have done to be critique :O)


My name is Will Hawkins. Along with Walter Rowe, I co-founded MusicPhotographers.net. The idea for this came out of a successful run of several years for my Concert Photography group on Myspace and the need for a site with better forum controls, articles, blogs, news, interviews, book reviews, etc. to become a community & resource for folks in and interested in "music photography."

I do shoot outside of the music industry, but really just focus on the music & business side of stuff in this forum.

Here's my music industry mini-bio:

Will Hawkins has been photographing musicians since 1996. His overwhelming passion and joy for music, combined with his love of photography made the match simply irresistible. For more than 10 years now, Hawkins has scoured the music scene to capture artists, their passion for music, and their love for their equipment. Hawkins has built a niche' in the drummer world as a long time photographer for Promark Drum Sticks. He is best known for his work with some of the world's most renowned drummers including Jason Bittner, Dave Lombardo, John Blackwell, and Keith Harris.

Will Hawkins Photography Highlights:
- Featured on over 10 magazine covers
- Published in over 300 magazines overall
- Featured in over 20 CDs
- Featured on retail posters
- Featured on 3 DVDs
- Photographer for world renowned Six String Masterpieces: The Dimebag Darrel Art Tribute

As an aspiring drummer himself, Hawkins continues his passion in music and has hopes to continue capturing the moments and memories in music for years to come.

Thanks for reading!

- Will

Will Hawkins Photography, LLC. http://www.willhawkinsphotography.com  

I am Jaymes Leavitt. I have been reading the forums for a while; contributing now and again, and I really have grown to enjoy how everyone has been supporting each other in this field. It is a tough industry that has been going through many changes in the past 10- 15 years. Since I had received my BA in Fine Arts Northeasten University in Boston, I had always integrated music as a part of my freelance gig. I am also a musician and I had even played Bass in the NU Jazz Ensemble. I guess it is my love of the arts that inspired me. I wish I had a group like this when I was doing a lot of live shooting. I would have probably done a lot more of it. It was tough though going to shows and selling photos and getting to know the bands and doing the album covers and and shooting live and dealing with the fact that musicians are like the poorest group of people out there, so I went where the money was which was commercial work and I photographed a lot of boring shit. Mistake, I feel my work suffered; I am getting back into doing the music thing a lot more.


Hello everyone!

I'm Jennifer. I am 25 years old and I live in the middle of the desert in California. At the moment I am a full time student/starving artist just trying to get my name into the music community. I have been doing concert photography for about 7 years and I knew from the beginning that I would never look back.

Right now my equipment is pretty basic. I have a Canon Rebel XT with a 18-55 lens. I also have a 70-300 that I use mainly for my artistic work. If you would like to see some examples of things I have done please feel free to check out my website, www.jlynnphoto.com

I think that is about it..


We have been joined by a number of new community members over recent weeks. We are now over 300 members and counting. Welcome to all. Please post an introduction about yourself: your experience level, where you live, what you mostly shoot, where you publish your work, etc.

Walter Rowe - Rowe Images
Professional Photographer
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Founder, MusicPhotographers.net
Columbia, Maryland - USA

Hi all,

My name is Dan and I live in Carlsbad, CA. I have been a (semi) professional photographer since January 2006. I am entirely self taught, have never taken any photography classes. I have immersed myself in books, magazines and online tutorials (not to mention LOTS of trial and error!) to learn my craft. I am a Freelancer for several local (San Diego, CA) area newspapers and serve as the House Photographer for The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. I love my job, I just wish I could get a full time gig doing it, but that will come in the future I am sure.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Daniel Knighton
Pixel Perfect Images
(760)730-3224/(858)335-4540 cell
Carlsbad, CA


Daniel Knighton, PIxel Perfect Images

(858) 335-4540 cell



I´m semi-pro photographer from Tampere Finland. I mainly take pictures for two major local event organisers, but also as an AD and graphic designer I photograph for my company. I have been shooting in all kinds of venues from stadiums to very small punk clubs. It all started from an hobby and now I have been selling pictures.

Heavy metal has been the thing for me for it´s intensity, but I´m interested in shooting any kinds of music. Also live music is the thing. I love the challenge of fast shows and need to keep up with the artist trying to get the killer pic. That´s why I´m not that interested in promo shoots and studio work.

Some of my work is to be seen on my gallerysite www.karijokinen.com

Hi, all! I'm another newbie here!
My name is Linda, and I have homes in Phoenix, AZ and Delray Beach, FL. I'm a nurse-turned-software developer, and I've had a passion for music for as long as I remember, especially live music. My interest in photography came a bit later, when my grandfather gave me an old manual 35mm film camera. I taught myself how to use it and loved taking pictures, but just couldn't afford to develop all that film, so I drifted away from photography for awhile.

I finally got my first digital camera, a fairly advanced point-n-shoot, a couple of years ago, and not long after, I started taking it to concerts. Only instead of being happy with a few blurry images like most folks, I became obsessed with learning how to get the perfect picture at a concert. After getting as good as I could with the equipment I had, I moved up to a Canon Rebel and started looking for concerts to get into with it. A chance encounter with a certain band member led to a friendship and quite a few opportunities to gain valuable experience shooting concerts. Now that I have a pretty decent portfolio, and a few more contacts in the music industry, I'm ready to look at doing this as a business (part-time - I have no illusions of being able to quit my day job anytime soon). I just upgraded to a Canon 40D, and I generally use a Sigma 50-150 f2.8 lens.

I found this site thru myspace and it has been a wealth of information so far, and I think it will help me get to where I want to be in my photographic career. I currently have a website set up here: http://web.me.com/pirate032 if anyone wants to take a look. It's in need of a little house-cleaning if I ever get the time.

I look forward to getting more active with the group.
Linda Parnell

Hi all,

Found MPN via one of the groups on MySpace (which I’ve just joined and am building up my profile page etc) and thought I’d sign up as it seems, on the tin, to be what I need. Not a pro but a well experienced amateur for more years than I care to count and looking to develop my attempts at gig & band photography for the small to medium size venue and young up & coming bands. I know the MPN is “is dedicated to professional music photographers” and I can only claim to be an enthusiastic advanced amateur photographer (and novice music photographer) but I’ll stand at the back, keep quiet, watch & learn …. if I may.

Me: An expat Scot (east coast Edinburgh area) 53 year old family man (2 kids now grown up and doing their own thing as professional musicians) now living in deepest darkest Somerset, UK. Day job is as a Marine Mechanical Engineer (big ships & the equipment that goes in them). Into photography and music and lots of other stuff.

Photography: Started back in the mid-70s with a Zenith E (remember them) and progressed in a self-taught fashion through the 70s & 80s shooting mostly B&W and processing & printing in a makeshift darkroom in a converted cupboard under the stairs kind of thing. Mostly used Minolta gear back then. I preferred general & landscape photography although did quite a few stage productions & weddings & stuff on a semi-pro basis. A bit of a hiatus during the 90s (family, day job, it’s an old story). Went fully digital in 2003 which reawakened my enthusiasm. use Canon gear today.

Aims: I’m trying to get more heavily into my photography again and if I can wangle early release from the day job next spring (which looks likely) then I’ll try & make a go of it full time. Band & gig photography is an area I’d like to specialize in, especially for the local scene here in SW England, which is vibrant ….. and there doesn’t seem to be many photographers involved ….. probably because it’s so bloomin hard!! :)

Cheers, Dave B.

I'm Richard, from Melbourne, Australia.

I used to be a member under the name blackshadow but can no longer login under that account name so I created a new account.

A little about me - I'm 42 years young and have been taking music/concert photos on and off for over 20 years but decided to get serious about it at the end of 2005 when I bought a digital SLR and took a break from a career in Public Relations. I now devote my time equally between PR and photography.

I shoot with Canon equipment and my passion is for loud rock bands generally with a bit of an alternate twist; I shoot as a freelancer and have a client list that includes many Australian bands (both high and not so high profile) as well as several music and guitar publications in both the print and online world. I shoot in a variety of environments ranging from small pub/club shows to major festivals and everything in between. I mainly do live photography but also do some promo shoots as well.

I look forward to being an active participant in this forum.

Forgot to add... bit of a shit stirrer at times!
Cheers, Richard


Cheers, Richard www.blackshadow.com.au

I’m Marty Moffatt (er.. my username probably gave that away), and I’m 49 and living in Swindon in the UK. I have a day job as an IT project manager, and I do 10-12 weddings a year, which pays for my equipment and travel, and the rest of the time I spend shooting rock concerts. I officially registered my part time photography business two years ago, but have no illusions about it becoming my main source of income anytime soon.

My introduction to the world of concert photography started in 2004. My wife was a big fan of Journey and helped moderate their forum, which enabled me to get a photo pass for a Soul SirkUS show (this was a side project band of Journey’s guitarist Neal Schon, featuring JSS on vocals). I took the photos and posted them online, and got an email from JSS, who loved them and that gave me the impetus to take my interest further. Then when he toured with his own solo band later that year I shot four of his shows and I’ve been his main photographer ever since.

Since then I’ve photographed probably a couple of hundred concerts and have become the favoured photographer for a number of bands, from arena acts to pub bands. I try to work directly with the bands themselves and concentrate on bands I actually like – mainly melodic rock and classic rock bands, and the occasional metal band.

I use a Canon 5D and various lenses. My style is to try to capture and represent the atmosphere of a live performance, through the lighting and composition, and I rarely take close-up shots of a single artist. A lot of my images are output in black and white which I think creates more atmosphere and stronger images. All that probably makes them less suitable for magazine use but I don’t care. The bands love them and keep coming back to me.

My attitude to concert photography and photographers is that there is far too much cynicism and money driven competitiveness in the field and that gives a lot of photographers a bad reputation. I get irritated by photographers who are oblivious to what’s around them in their desperation to get that killer shot, at the expense of the fans behind them (who’ve actually paid for the show), or fellow Togs in the pit with them. A good photographer should be able to work without getting in everybody’s way. OK rant over.


It was enjoyable reading your bios and how passionate you are about our passion: concert photography
I have been interested in photography for a long time: first camera was a Mamiya-Sekor 35mm I took with me to Europe. I have since been through a series of Nikons, currently D300. Lenses used are 24-70mm f2.8/85mm f1.4/135mm f2/180mm f2.8
I am very part time but do get an occasional assignment from the Seattle Weekly as a contract photographer.
My other gig is house photog for the Mt. Baker Blues Festival held for the first weekend in August in Deming, WA.
On occasion, if I am lucky, I shoot for band's publicists and fan/band websites.
I guess you can see I live in the Northwest part of Washington state in the U. S. in Bellingham.
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications and an AA in Visual Communications, about 35 years between the two.
You can see my images at My Space: http://www.myspace.com/rokrclikr
Thanks for the forum to address our unique concerns.

Hi , My name is Don and I have an affliction. I enjoy shooting bands. I admit it....
Anyhow, I'm another part-timer who's Father was a full timer. I have done events and concerts all outdoors and did my first in club Dec, 19th. For a band who had contacted me. Except for the walls painted flat black the back wall mirror and 4 weak red lights on the stage all went well.

My background is a bit of everything. Product, OffRoad GP Scrambles, theater/dance and figure skating. But I enjoy events and bands. I found this site and there looks like a nice group here. I hope to join in, learn and improve.


Don Olson

Hi my name is Jon Van Daal and I have been taking photos for nearly 40 years. I have been a freelance photo-journalist, magazine editor, publisher and book author over that time. I studied photography at the School of Graphic Arts in Sydney, Australia for four years as well doing a design, layout and typography course too. I have worked in magazine publishing full time since 1983 and have mainly had my work published in the performance cars arena but have also had photos of racing planes, boats and bikes published too. In that time I've also done a ton of free lance work and had my drag racing pix published all over the world with about 300 covers. I've authored two books on drag racing and just released "A History of the Summernats" on Australian street machining.
I originally started my gig photographed in 1974 with the likes of Frank Zappa, ELO, Lou Reed, Flo & Eddie plus a bunch more back in the day but with a growing family didn't have the time any more to do the racing and gig stuff. My son started playing the drums and worked for the biggest drum shop in Australia and they asked me to photograph some drum clinics. I have done about 50 now and got back into gig photography. I've done a lot of work for Australia's only drum magazine "Drumscene" with a cover a few issues ago with a lot of photos published and a recent story I wrote on Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree. I've also had story and photos on PT published in England and I followed my favourite band Dream Theater around Australia last year. Articles and photos have since been published in England, France, Germany and in Australia. I've always loved loud things - top fuel dragsters and progressive metal music. I'm 55 years young and one day I'll grow up.

Hi everyone.. I haven't been on here for awhile so I think I should update this some.

I'm actually 27, still working on school after a break for half a year. I recently bought a new camera, a Canon 50D with a 28-135mm IS lens. I am really excited about it and have been doing a lot of landscape work with it. I'm looking forward to getting back to working shows, I'm taking photos of my husbands band at Paladino's in Tarzana soon.

I have a new website, www.phoenix-imagery.com

Other than that things are pretty much the same.


Hi everyone !

I'm Dave, I'm 50, "too old to rock and roll and too young to die" to quote Ian Anderson...... but my son does rock ! He plays in 4 piece "Industrial thrash metal band". I have enjoyed rock music all my life, tried to take photo's when I could, but over the last year or so I have been photographing my sons band and others at " Battle of the bands" events etc, after gigs I have been asked if I will be putting my pictures "on line" and have put them on "my space".

Recently photographed a gig "Whole lotta led" (Led Zeppelin tribute) at a local venue. had some pictures published in our local paper, also photographed and wrote reviews for a music magazine, published on line.

I'm on a couple of other photography forums, but it's great to be here on this specialised forum to be with other togs who understand that lighting conditions can change from "pitch dark to white out" in a millisecond !

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, picking your brains for information, commiserating with you when shoots go badly, finding out how I can recoup some of my photographic equipment outlay (never going to be another Ross Halfin, but be nice for my "hobby" to be self financing)

Cheers, Dave

I'm a photographer... trapped in a welders body !

Hi everyone,

My name is Lauren, I'm 15 and am currently trying to tie school and music photography in together which sadly means I don't shoot more than two gigs a month. I've been shooting bands for a year as I was going to HMV once every two weeks to shoot instore events pushing to the front to get some decent shots and completely fell in love with it. I eventually built up a portfolio which ended up in that I shot my first acreditted show in March for Pete Doherty with no publication which was amazing and I've just done my first festival which I really enjoyed! 

I'm not currently not being paid for anywork, despite now 'working' for an online mag, but I enjoy every single moment of it so it makes it all worthwile. I use Canon gear, which is a 450D along with a 50 1.4 and a 24-70 2.8L. 

My name's Kylie, I'm 25 and from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I started music photography in September 2006 with a Canon 300D & a 50mm f/1.8. I upgraded bodies & lens in December that year to a Canon 30D & 25-70mm f/2.8

I contribute to a few online publications and a free local street press called RAVE Magazine. I haven't been printed in any huge magazines, but one of my photos was on Jason Mraz's tour poster and other assorted items. I haven't done anything really exciting like most of you, I take my photos submit them to my media outlet and that's it. Kinda boring huh?

My current gear consist of

2 x Canon 30D's [can't afford to upgrade!]

Canon 50mm f/1.8

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS


You can find my work at http://kyliekeene.net and on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/kyza I'm also on deviantART under the username kyza.

 Welcome Kylie!

Walter Rowe, Founder

 Hey everyone! 


New here, never heard of the site until, well....today! My friend Jeremy Saffer says this is a great community and im stoked to get involved. A little about myself...I tour with bands, and shoot press images for them as well. This should be fun.



Hello all, I'm Bob.

I live just outside of London (UK, not Canada!) and I've just turned 50. I've had a camera in my hand for over 40 years but only turned to shooting gigs about a year ago... I don't know why it took so long as in the late 70s/early 80s I was booking acts like The Police, The Clash, The Ramones etc for my university's student union and therefore had the perfect opportunity to shoot some great bands in their heyday. In this last year I have learnt so much about covering gigs (mostly through making mistakes), that I really regret not having done it sooner, as I still have much to learn but not as many years as some to put it all into practice.

I'm fortunate that my main guinea-pigs in the first few months were friends of mine who put up with me shooting them from all angles in small, dimly lit pubs and clubs in and around London. I'm also fortunate that more recently I've befriended two promoters who give me AAA passes to the gigs they organise and have been able to hone my technique from the pit (when the bands have been "big enough" to warrant one). One promotes predominently unsigned metal bands while the other promotes goth, EBM and post punk. I've quickly built up a reasonable list of industry contacts; good enough to get me a VIP and photo pass for Skunk Anansie's gig in Manchester on their recent sell-out reunion tour.

I was published for the first time a few weeks ago when a photo I took of GMT was used in Metal Hammer... that was a great feeling. That was quickly followed by two photos (of The Fuel Girls dance troupe) in Time Out. I've also been commissoned by a few bands to cover their live gigs and have sold photos to bands/management for use on flyers, posters and websites.

I look forward to interacting with everyone here, learning what I can from the more established togs and maybe one day being confident and knowledgeable enough to impart some of my experiences to others too.



2 x Nikon D90 with MB-D80 Battery Packs
Sigma 30mm f1.4
Nikkor 85mm f1.4
Sigma 18-50mm f2.8
Sigma 28-70mm f2,8
Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8
Sigma 135-400mm f4.5/5.6

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 on order

 Hi, my name is Roger and I'm from North Hampshire (UK, 35 miles SW of London)

I've been a keen follower of music for most of my life, initially playing and then taking a more sedate observing role.

I've always enjoyed capturing the moment with my cameras and I've managed to step up in the past year from just being in the audience to having a few pictures published  and to getting the much prized photopass.

I'm just coming down from a high over the weekend.  I was the only photographer at the SAS Bands gig and had the pit to myself for the whole gig (well other than having to avoid the videoguy with his cable man).  For those that don't know, the SAS band is Spike's All stars.  Spike has been Queen's keyboard player for the past 25 years and puts together a few "Celebrity" gigs each year around Christmas.

I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences and hopefully in time sharing some things I've picked up.

Whilst a keen photographer I've managed to get to the position I have through doing gig reviews and then getting the photopass on the back of that.

You can see some of my work for the GetTotheFront website (including photos).

These were all taken BEFORE I got a photopass (with the exception of UB40) so as a result were on my TZ5.


Hello everybody!

Here's Dena Flows, from Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain)

I am about to turn 40 (welcome middle age crisis!!!) and have spent the last 10 years shooting concerts (travel and wrestling also). In this time I've shot more than a thousand bands (many of them, several times) in all kind of venues and festivals... and countries.

I consider myself a (small) part time professional or a (very) advanced amateur. Meaning that I can't make a living out of my pics but I earn some money that ease making ends meet.

As I see myself my strong points are composition and capturing the moment and my more evident flaw is posing.

You can see my pics on my webpage (just in case I didn't sep up the signature correctly: www.denaflows.com).

I also started a blog recently. I only has 9 post and it's written in my mother tongues: spanish and, soon, basque (www.denaflows.com/blog). Please forgive my mediocre english :-)

That's all folks!

All the best. Dena Flows

Welcome Dena! It is great to see someone from Spain here. I encourage everyone to check out your site. You have some terrific work. Can you tell us more about the music business in Spain? Can you tell us more about publications you shoot for? You shoot part time. Do you earn money more from publications, bands, record labels, friends with bands, etc?

Founder, MusicPhotographers.net
Columbia, Maryland - USA

 Hello all,

I am Victor List from Israel, born 1972


I work as IT consultant, have 2 kids, spend my free time shooting concerts of local and foreign bands.

I started with concerts after buying first DSLR Canon 400d on June 2007.

Started with 50mm/1.4 and 28mm/1.8, I added  CANON 10-22 and 17-55/2.8 IS.

Now I am usually use prime lenses 50mm and 135mm, zooms 17-40 and 70-200/4IS with Canon 5d-MarkII

recently I shooted gigs of Matisyahu, Oi Va Voi, Gogol Bordello. 

I have an FB, MySpace account and my site on PBASE.COM

Started to use Lens Baby Composer, see this  and this

Still working for the photo pass and CDs.

Few weeks ago organized an exhibition with my colleague under the municipal patronage

Interesting to find my own style, improve my works  and hope to get strong critique from the professional photographers.



With Best regards, Muper

I am Arnold.  I do Music Photography in Austin Texas.  I am very lucky to get to do so much in this town.  Access comes and goes with the wind, but I still manage to get into some amazing shows.  Glad there is a place like this out there.


It took me a few days to register on this forum/website. I think i need a new mouse ;)

Oke, let me introduce myself. My name is Silvana Breur from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mother of a daughter (20) and a son (24).  Busy with concert photography since 1993/1994. But very active since 2004.  Since 2005 i have my own website: www.stratovana.nl  I did lots of bands and i was happy to show them online since 2005. I had several publications in magazines and cd's.

From Robby Valentine, Highway Chile, Ten Man Push, Aniday, Successors Fanclub (Official Sonata Arctica Fanclub) and FuryRocks Magazine (The Netherlands).

I don't know what to say more about myself. If you have questions, shoot! ;)

Great to found this website and forum!



Hello comrades!


I am Steve Perks, a semi-professional music photographer based in NE Scotland.

I rediscovered photography in 2002 after 25 years as a gigging bass guitarist.

I got to a level where I was able to sell large landscape prints around the world, but started to realise my true passion for music photography.

I have been busy 'paying my dues' in the pit and bar gigs over the last year or so and take my role very seriously.

Why semi professional?

Because I approach it as a business and treat my clients, the audience and fellow photographers with respect and courtesy, and although I often have to shoot for free to establish my presence, I charge for usage. I make some money through portrait shoots, but am ever conscious that  I have some way to go to complete my apprenticeship.

I can't think of anything else I would rather do, but  am working towards building up a strong foundation before I take the plunge and figure how I am going to consistently pay the bills.

Away from the business side of things, 
 I equally enjoy everything from pit work to getting in the thick of a moshing crowd at a punk gig ( I have the bruises to prove it) and am focusing my attention on capturing something different other than the 'safe' shots to develop my own style (which is still eluding me!)

I have a long way to go, which is why I am here, to listen, look and learn!

PS: I will NEVER sign a rights grab contract!!!




You can call me Steve!

Hello All,

My name is Carlton and I live in North Bend, Wa and roam around the Pacific Northwest & California.

 I shoot several festivals and concert events mostly during the spring/summer months but I also shoot small & local shows year round :)

At festivals I shoot a lot of 75% people pictures and 25% band shots as I feel I dont need 30 shots of the same guitarist and would rather

shoot more of the fans & festvarians as I beleive the audience tells more of the overall story about the festival than the band shots but I love shooting everything.

Love in Light,




Carlton Ward


Canon Camera's & L Lenses


My name is Barka, I'm semi-pro photographer. I started with a concert photography 4 years ago, but last two years I take it more seriously. I don't like to shoot in big concert hall, I prefer to be closer to music, so I love to take photos in clubs. I love jazz, folk and world music.

My goals is capture emotions, what the music is doing with people, trying to take photos, thats is the music itselfs....

Actually I use Canon EOS 40D, and lenses  TAMRON 17-50/2,8 AF Di II, Canon EF 50mm f/1,4 II USM, Canon EF EF 85mm f/1,8 II USM, and Canon EF 70-200f/4L  IS USM

One from my recent photos


Hi Barka. Welcome to MusicPhotographers.net. Nice portfolio.

Walter Rowe, Founder

Hello all,

I just joined so sorry if I dont get this right by the rules etc.


I think i am towards the top end for hobby photographer doing mainly festivals, events and live music.  I am self taught and think that I have enough experience to start to sell some of the shots to publications.  I am here mainly ask questions and pick up anything I just dont know.


Look forward to chatting to you.


Outstanding Snoop Dogg image. Welcome to MPN! How long have you been shooting music photographs?

Walter Rowe, Founder

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself...I'm robbi cohn...was addicted to seeing, hearing and photographing the Grateful Dead...and am still as addicted as ever. Shot some 300 + Grateful Dead performances, as well as many other musicians...did several cd's for Bruce Hornsby, as well as one for Steve Winwood, Hot Tuna and several for GD band members. Images published in many books highlighting the Dead...

My website is www.deadimages.com

I'm currently shooting new, hopefully up and coming, artists and musicians in North Carolina.

Thanks for allowing me to hang out  amongst your  most distinguished members!


Peace thru Music

Hi. My name is Bec, I'm 25 and I live in Australia. I shoot Nikon, and I love music. Been doing this for a bit over 3 years now.

Being female and relatively young, I get a lot of "So you're with the band?" or assumptions that I'm in it to meet the band or go backstage.... but I try to not let it bother me. I also try to not be intimidated by all he big dudes with 3 foot-long (seems like...) Canon lenses in pits. Been holding my head a little higher since shooting Alice Cooper and Simple Plan in the past month. :D


I have a website, but it's pretty slack and the gallery almost never works. Mostly I upload to my Flickr and post crap on my Blog. I love chatting about photography and music and all that lies between...so hit me up on my Blog or Twitter (@Bec__Reid <- two underscores)

nice shots...... great Imelda May ~~~~