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Image Posting Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when participating in this forum:

  • Limit the dimensions of images to 600 pixels on the long side.
  • Only post images if you desire to receive honest criticism.
  • Be constructive in your criticism of other people's photographs.
  • Respect the fact that not all members are at the same experience level.
  • Image critique is a two-way street - ask for critiques, but also give them.

This forum is a means to help one another. We will not tolerate personal attacks or unprofessional behavior.

Why the small image size limitation? According to Google Analytics, MPN still has visitors using 800x600 pixel displays, and we still have visitors accessing the site via dial-up and low-bandwidth DSL. Please adhere to the posting guidelines for the benefit of these visitors. They are as important to us as every other visitor. When the profile of our users changes, we will adjust the posting guidelines accordingly.