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Alisa (Алиса) in B1 Maximum, Moscow

Famous Russian Rock band Alisa, 23.12.07 B1 Maximum, Moscow (a club similar to Teatria or Nosturi). I did a lot of shots but here only showing the most outstanding to my taste. http://tsukasa.zenfolio.com/p721702668 for full report.







I like the first one very much. And did you notice how his lips are in the three first photos? Third photo looks like he's holding a gun, and would be ready to shoot at any moment.

He also have very similar look to one of the repcilants from Blade Runner.


#1 is #1. I also like this one from your site....


I don't know if you are aware or not but others can download your original files on Zenfolio. I have my options set so people cannot do this, of course you may feel differently about it.

The first one is a killer. I especially love the way the smoke and background worked around the hair.

[1] is awesome and [3] and [4] aren't far behind!!! That's not to say the others aren't good in their own right, but these three blow them out of the water! :)

Yup, I agree, particularly with Mary ... we have a winner!

Dwight McCann

These are excellent! I hope to be this good one day! :)

Canon 20D, 350D, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 430 EX and 580EX flash.

#1 is best. #4 is nice as well.
If you post #1, don't use #2 and 3. The facial expression is too much alike. It detracts from the images. ;)

I liked #2 with its triangular shapes and angles. His head is nicely emphasized by the light beam in the background.