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In a cave @ midnight

the title isnt a strange name for a band, it was where i was the night before last on a shoot for a local band called sudarshan

www.myspace.com/sudarshanuk (south UK, Bournemouth)

Anywho im new here and i thought i;d post a couple from my most recent shoot for critigue.

the band made it clear they prefered mono images so we went to the local caves (30minute trek) and got some shots in the pitch black. it had to be the toughest shoot iv had tbh with composition issues - lighting etc but all fun though haha


1 / 2


and after we thought some rehersal pics would be cool n diversafy there choice

suda_30 copy_bwres

I'm really picky when it comes to black and white. I love Blacks and whites and not grays. You have certainly nailed the first and third photo(to my likings) Love the high Contrast and deep shadows.

You have Filled the frame in the first shot with all the members and the space on the top right is filled by the rock formation. Nice composition. On the Third shot I like that you did this wide shot of them together. Certainly nice for a band name and or logo. Would make a great poster. Keep these photos coming!

I really like the second, fourth and fifth ones.

The fifth one is really a different approach to the problem of how to do a promo shot.

By the title of thread, I thought you were talking about the local club that has live bands.


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