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PORTECHO in concert!

The more I use my D3 for low light, high ISO concert work the more I like what I see. This is the two-man electronic turkish band PORTECHO in concert at Studio Live, a dark club in Istanbul. All pictures with the D3, 70-200 VR or 17-35, ISO 3200-6400.

more from this set http://www.pbase.com/vieripbase/portecho_281108, band's website is http://www.portecho.com.

C&C as always are very welcome. Best,


... I think #9 is the best of the bunch, and the noise doesn't bother me in most of them. In my opinion, shooting live concerts at venues with poor lighting is just about the toughest challenge to produce quality images under. The toughest being of course.. Combat Photojournalism... hahaha.


Daniel Knighton, PIxel Perfect Images

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YEAH! #9 is really nice. Damn tough conditions, great work. :)

Canon 20D, 350D, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 430 EX and 580EX flash.

I REALLY like #8: Lots of character...

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