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I'm new here & just dropping in to say hi! Wanted to give a few photos for critique......

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A great start. One bit of advice that I would give to all live music photographers is give your shot some space. The best live shots show a bit of crowd or stage. Give the reader the chance to experience the gig even if they wasn't there.

Don't put your  'iso' up too high. Make the shot look rich in colour. When live photographers shot on film they didn't have the luxury of 1200 iso +  and they still produced legendary shots.

The next time you shoot a band, think about illustrating the atmosphere of the gig itself.

It's always worth knowing your bands songs so you know when a guitar solo comes in or when a stage dive normal happens.

I hope this advice was useful. Good luck.

For any advice we have a collective of six top ranking UK music photographers from NME, MOJO, Q, WORD, Kerrang who will answer any questions you may have

Here is a great example of "Aerosmith" shot by legend music photographer Mick Hutson who's work can be found on www.musicphotographers.co.uk