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Did I Make the Right Decision?

Hi All,


I'm new to this forum, and glad to be a part of this network!

Recently I offered to exchange some time for print to a music school. They needed some shots done of an upcoming concert, and I wanted some new photos for my website. However, when I requested that a release be signed for all of the performers they balked and said they don't want to pressure their students into signing anything.

I told them fine and that I don't want anyone to feel pressured, but the release was necessary for both myself and the schools understanding of how the images would be used, and for legal protection.

So should I have done that? These would be young kids that I would be shooting, and I wanted to make sure there was an understanding this wasn't just a free photo shoot. I would be using these images to potentially promote my work and my business.

Any thoughts or comments are appriciated. Thanks!

This is a tough question to anwer. Small children cannot legally consent, and the school cannot consent on their behalf unless there is some agreement between the school and the parents that any photographer the school "hires" has the right to use the pictures for self-promotion. Absent an existing agreement between the parents and the school (and it is unlikely there is such an agreement), then only the parents of each child can legally consent on the child's behalf. So you end up having to ask the parents if you can use their child's picture on your website. You could talk to the school about offering prints for purchase to the parents, and then get consent from parents of children in the best pictures.

Walter Rowe, Founder