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Doug Menuez - Survival as a Freelancer

This is the opening paragraph from an EP article and interview with Doug Menuez.

To survive the creative, economic and emotional chaos of a life in photography your career must be designed for longevity. To achieve longevity, you must reconcile the conflict between what you shoot for money and what you love to shoot. Ideally, you get paid to shoot exactly what you love to shoot, every day. Reaching this nirvana requires making tough choices, a careful business strategy and attention to basic business practices. (Or be super talented/lucky, born wealthy or marry a brilliant business manager.

This is an insightful article on reconciling shooting what you love and getting paid to shoot. My favorite excerpt from the article is "Show the work you want to get". If you want to get paid to shoot what you really like, you have to make a portfolio book showing that kind of work. Showing a book of work that you think people want to see may get you paying work, but it won't get you paid to shoot what you like. Develop your own unique style and build a portfolio of the kind of work you want to shoot. The most successful photographers offer an artistic style and vision that no one else offers. They are sought after for what they bring to the project. If your work looks like every other photographer then your work is a commodity. Photo editors and art directors can replace you with any other photographer. Develop your own unique style and vision that is irreplaceable and you stand out. That makes you marketable.

This article is packed with wisdom and insight from a very successful freelance photographer. Read the entire article "On Chaos, Fear, Survival & Luck: Longevity Is The Answer" by Doug Menuez over on the Editorial Photographers website.

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