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Summer Slaughter Tour 2010 - Horrible lighting help

I recently attended Summer Slaughter Tour 2010 in Houston, TX and was faced with lighting problems. Bad ones. I managed to get some decent keepers but I've attached some examples of what type of photos I got that night. 

-They only had one color spotlight shinning on stage
-Venue was VERY dark
-I'm not a big fan of using flash (though I managed to borrow a Canon Speedlite 430EX II and tried it out a couple times, as show with Veil of Maya and Carnifex photos attached)

Equipment I used was my Canon 50mm F/1.4, which has yet to disappoint me.  And of course the Speedlite. I also used my shutter speed and manual settings for most of the night

Does anyone has any advice with using a flash at concert? Like a shutter speed that will get you cool lighting results etc. or advice to what a good shutter speed would be if I wanted to use a flash but didn't want the bland look of a typical flash photo. 

And does anyone know of any tricks in low lighting conditions? Maybe something around setting the ISO so high.

Any critiques would be great! Anything of help I welcome! Thanks!

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Image icon Carnifex bassist211.67 KB

 The rest of the photos...

Hi Chantelle- Small venues almost always have bad lighting. If you're not using a flash, I would say to use a higher ISO than 800, and shutter at 80-125 ish. Again, this will all depend on your individual circumstances at the venue.

I never use flash even in small venues, only if I'm shooting a local band (but I will clear this with the band first so that they are aware that I will be using flash).