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I have been a photographer for over 25 years. I worked as a still photographer on set of movies, music videos and commercials for 12 years. Built a home-based photography studio which is still alive and well. I started my music photography when I was in ART school shooting for CBS records. I had no idea what I was doing or who I was shooting. Some of the likes of Billy Idol, Eurythmics, Elvis Costello, Motley Crue, and many more. While working as a still photographer, My favorite shoot was "Bowie" although I have had great opportunities and successes, photographing celebrities and musicians in action is a delight for me. SO I am back with perseverance and I will not stop until I am published in "Rolling Stones" or touring in Europe with a group. Any advise or suggestions is what I am looking to gain from this site. HAVE AnY?


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