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Since a young age Jeremy has been a musician focusing on a future in the music industry. Around 14 years of age, Jeremy was in a few bands that would play shows, and he would always bring a camera with him to take photos of the bands who played before and after.

A Promoter saw some photos and said "why don't you photograph all of my concerts" which quickly became "why don't you work for massconcerts", a large New England company that puts on many of the bigger concerts in the area.

At age 15 Jeremy started a website to show his photos, and continued shooting for fun for the next 3 years, at which time he then went to berklee school of music in boston.

While at berklee, jeremy continued to work concerts, but was miserable playing music, so after a 3 semester stint at berklee, he decided that he had more fun taking pictures then playing music.

He then enrolled at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, and while there continued working for massconcerts as well as a local club the hippodrome, as well as got his first two magazine covers (metal maniacs with mastodon and amp magazine with throwdown).

After graduating Hallmark, Jeremy had many contacts and friends in the music industry, and after a few phone calls and emails (favors) he was working for a slew of magazines, record labels, and bands.

In the past 4 years, since graduating, Jeremy has worked with such names as, my chemical romance, good charlotte, eighteen visions, slayer, the used, jared leto, has toured on the 2006 Ozzfest summer tour, worked with draven clothing/shoes, has had a slew of magazine covers, cd covers, dvd covers and published work on mtv, and in rolling stone.



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