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I've always been naturally drawn to the arts: poetry, music, and of course, photography. Photography started for me at nine years old when my parents bought me my first camera: a Fisher Price 110 toy camera that used real film and took actual pictures! Several failed attempts to succeed at a graphic design course at the technical high school I was attending at the time, led me to become more serious about photography. I took a few courses in high school & in college. After a few years of studying photographic composition, I ventured out on my own & combined my two loves together: music & photography. Concert photography has been my passion since then. For me, photography has been about capturing a moment that will last forever. A moment in time that one can never get back. A memory that may fade if it wasn't frozen in time. I hope to always do what i love best: Photographing and capturing the essence that is forever: Long live photography!


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